Friday, May 25, 2012

yoyos, anyone?

I played yoyo before with my friends and classmates when I was a little kid, but we use a cheap yoyos that we bought in the street market. I heard that they have this super yoyos available in the market that you can play more and do a lot of new tricks. I saw that type of yoyos on TV, I remember the guy perform using Duncan yoyo at America’s Got Talent, I think that was last year and he did pretty amazing tricks using his yoyos, wish I could be as good as him but anyway, to those yoyos lover out there, you can get duncan yoyos online for a very affordable price and you can enjoy playing yoyos more and do more tricks!

My little pie

Using the left over fabric I have for the simple dress I made, I also made my little pie a homper. Look how happy she is on her new homper! Isn't she look adorable?

Wall Water Fountains

Who doesn’t love water fountains? Even my kids love it! When we went to Pueblo Medical Center, I saw this very pretty huge Wall Water Fountains. I wonder where they bought those and if they have a small size of it? It’s nice to have it at home or in your business area. I research it online and I found some nice interesting wall water fountains at and all I can say is WOW! That sunrise springs wall water fountain will be perfect in our living room since we still have a space to put that water fountain. I am not sure but will see what my husband will say about this, either we will put the wall water fountain or maybe we will just buy a big triple canvas. Anyhow, it depends on how much budget we have.


I never tried to order flowers online but I like to give it a try and send a floral arrangement for my mother in law. She love flowers and I am sure she would love the floral arrangements from, they have great floral arrangement selections. I also join their mailing list that way I could get a chance to win their $50 gift. This casual design flowers are very nice, I like that blue butterfly on top of it. It look like a real butterfly landed on that beautiful flowers. Anyhow, if you are planning to buy flowers online, you might like to order it at, visit their website for more floral arrangement selections!

Simple dress...

Here is the new simple dress I made for this week. Zipper in the back and just plain design in front. I just add the belt that I bought at Maurices. Very simple and elegant. The fabric is like a snake skin type but it made of cotton. How do I look? hehe :-) Happy blogging everyone!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Bike

Mike just bought me a new bike. Actually he bought two bikes, one for me and one for him. So every afternoon on weekends, we go for a family bike ride around the neighborhood and the kids love it. They really enjoy it and since the weather is getting nicer this week, we will surely do this more often.

monotube shock absorber

While my husband is fixing the Yukon truck before when we still have it, he mentioned about the shock absorber thing. I am not sure what it is when he told me to get it so I keep asking him what does that monotube shock absorber look like. I am not familiar about those things so instead he get up and get the shock absorber himself. Anyhow that was two or three years ago, now he mentioned again that I need to check If they have the rs7000mt series online and I say I guess so. So I check online and find one at for only $75.29 more cheaper than the regular price and they offer a free shipping too. I ask why since we don’t have the Yukon anymore and he said we can still use it to our truck.
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