Sunday, July 31, 2011

Turkish Translation Services

Isn’t that wonderful if you learn more than one or two new languages? I speak three languages like English, Cebuano (our native language) and Tagalog, our main language in the Philippines. I knew a little bit of Korean and Spanish too. How about you? I have relatives who work in the middle east as an overseas worker and of course she needs to learn a little bit of their language that way she can easily understand them. Usually they speak Turkish and Arabic and since she is looking for a Turkish translation service(s), I recommend her this website at rosetta translation. They have Turkish Translation(s) available. Rosetta Translations provide a full range of Turkish translation service(s) to companies in London and worldwide. So this might be a good source for her to look at, they have highly accredited Turkish translator(s), I am sure she can easily learn Turkish in no time!

Learning new languages is a challenge to everyone and for me, it’s a good thing especially if you like to travel abroad. You will met different people in different races, they speak several languages and its nice if you can communicate them using their language. It’s very important to learn other languages especially if you are a businessman, because you will meet new investors from different countries. Hiring translators is a good option too but if you want to learn more other languages, why not try Rosetta Many people learn different languages through their service so why not try their service and get a free quote at their website at!

New Home Gift Ideas

Some says, its easy to find gifts for women than men. I wonder why? My husband doesn’t like expensive gifts, he likes hand made gifts or just a simple card that has a sweet message to it, a message from the heart. Sometimes, I had hard time finding gifts for him. Do you feel the same? Anyhow, if you are looking for a New Home Gift Ideas, you can visit, they have all the home gift ideas for men that you are looking for. I like the dad clock for only $29.99, that would be perfect in our bedroom. I can replace that old alarm clock in my husband side table and replace this nice dad clock from mensgiftideas. There are many more choices! So if you are looking gifts for men, visit mensgiftideas for more amazing and affordable gifts selection!


When Mike bought the bike, he didn't buy a helmet yet since they are just starting to learn how to ride a bike. But yesterday while me and my friends went to Walmart, I decided to buy Dana and Dustin a helmet so that they can wear it anytime they want when they ride their bike. Wearing helmet while riding a bike is very important. It protects them you know. Dana was so happy with her new helmet as well as Dustin, she won't ride a bike without helmet. So, I am glad she is aware on it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

GPS systems

It’s nice to drive around when you are familiar to the place or the city you will go to. That way you won’t get lost. That’s why many people has this nuvi 465t GPS Systems in their car. With the help of this type of technology, you can easily find the location that you are looking for. When our friend from Denver learn how to drive, she told her husband to get her a GPS, now that she got GPS, she drive whenever she wants now. She is very happy and very confident driving her new car. So if you are looking for Garmin GPS, visit, they have all the GPS systems you need for a very affordable price.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Is your insurance sell annuities? Annuities can help you a lot in the future, it can protect your finances when the time comes. I don’t know if mike got annuities in his insurance but I know he has a life insurance and a retirement plan when he reach 60-65 years old. Wholesale insurance offer annuities. So if you want to buy annuity online, you might like to try their service. You can also compare rates for fixed annuities, indexed annuities and cd-type annuities. So hurry and visit for more details.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Daddy surprise!

Daddy said he will give the kids a surprise on Friday morning. He get up early and went to Walmart to buy the kids a bike. When the kids woke up they went to the garage to see daddy and when mike open the truck, they saw the bike right away and they are jumping for joy. Dustin and Dana give daddy a big hug and kiss and they both say 'thank you daddy for the surprise!'. They had a lot of fun! At first Dana is kind a scared to ride but she get used to it now and she likes it! She still don't know how to paddle but I think she is not old enough to paddle. It was okay, she will learn to it when the time comes. Here are the photos of their new bike!

jewelry making tools

Whenever I wear that crystal bracelet that my friend gave to me as a present last year. I always get a compliment to it. People always say it was a nice bracelet and it looks good on me. I told them that my bracelet is made by a friend of mine who love to make handmade bracelet. She is good at it, actually she already sell some of her handmade crystal jewelry online. It's part of her hobby to make those crystal jewelry and I envy her for that. Wish I could make my own jewelry. I saw a jewelry making tools online and I wonder if I could try it and see if I could make one. I am not really crazy about jewelry making because I rather like sewing than to make jewelry but I think I will give it a try. So if you are looking for a jewelry making tools, visit!
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