Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Journey for Life - new layout

This is the layout I made for shy. I finished install the layout this afternoon. She likes light blue color at the sidebar. She likes the header to have a road, it's really fit to her title "A Journey for Life". You can view this layout live now. All you have to do is visit her blog and give her some love! Thanks!

insurance advertising

I’m glad I’m done installing the new layout I made for shy. She wants to overhaul her “A Journey for Life” blog. Since I am in mood to give a free giveaway layout. I made her one with the style she likes. I was online this morning and I found her online. We talked about the layout and ask her what color and style she likes. I finished it in a few minutes and showed her the results and she likes it!

Anyhow, after I finished installing her new layout. I was searching for an insurance advertising and bumped to this website at They have helpful information and guess what? They offer 20 free leads up to $300 value on auto, home, life and health leads. We’re just switching our insurance so maybe this one could help us to decide which insurance company we will use.


Do you own treadmill at home? We have one before but we sell it last year in a yard sale. I missed our treadmill but since we are not using it, we decided to sell it. We will just buy a new one if we need it. Our treadmill still works good and we sold it for only $150. We saw a nice treadmill at the store and we don’t know yet if we get it or not. We don’t need it this time, but this summer, we will absolutely go back going to the gym and go workout together as a couple.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Hi to everyone! Happy blogging! Just a quick update here. There’s nothing much going on here, as usual the kids keeps me busy that’s why I never had a chance to make a new layout. I know there’s a lot of you there that wants to get a free layout. Good thing because I am in mood in giving a free layout this week! You can pick one of my latest designs, I have a lot of available layouts! You can tell your friends too!

Anyhow, Last Friday, me and my Pinay friend went to the Mesa Mall. We’re looking for a casual dress to wear this coming Memorial, March 30th. It’s hard to find a dress especially that they don’t have available size for me. I need to look my size in the junior section. There’s a lot of dress to choose and it’s hard to decide. If I could have lot of time to fit them all but we don’t have more time because we still need to bring the kids at the playground, eat snack at the food court and look some more dress in a different store. We’re done shopping around 5:00pm and I still need to drop my friend at their house and came home. The kids are both sleeping while I’m driving. I bet they are very tired in our shopping. I worn them out! I’m still glad that I got one dress that fits me.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

colon cleansing

Many people are health conscious this days. Are you one of them? Maybe you need to try colon cleansing. It said that colon cleansing can remove any digestive problem, it can help you lose weight, increase energy and guess what? you can think more clearly. Isn’t that true? I never tried colon cleansing before but my husband does. He seems pretty happy with the results and he see the benefits of colon cleansing. Maybe they are right that colon cleansing can provide numerous general health benefits. I need to start taking colon cleansing to purify my digestive system and start a healthy lifestyle.

Its me!

Well, really not a good photo of me but i just took this photo last night. You see my new watch? That's the watch I won at The retail price is $185 and I got it for only $16, additional $10.99 for shipping and handling. I compare the prices at amazon and other website that has the same watch that I have, it costs $110. Do you think I got the great deal from bidz? The brand of this watch is Miss Sixty, and I got the Miss Sixty Women's Big Fly. You can see the full photo of the watch at my weblogexploration.

wrinkle lotion

How long you could cover those wrinkles with make up and other cosmetics? If you take those make up off, you can still see those wrinkles especially when you get old. It’s hard to hide those wrinkles. Except if you undergo botox surgery then you don’t have to worry about. Well, botox surgery seems expensive. Why spend much fortune to get rid of those wrinkles if there is wrinkle lotion that works? At, they found the best wrinkle lotions available today in the market. Don’t waste your money to those anti-aging products and surgery, try this one, maybe this is the right product for your wrinkles.


Have you tried tretinoin? Have you heard this type of acne treatment? This is one of the acne treatment that needs prescription. It said that Tretinoin works with a form of vitamin A that helps you to accelerate skin cell turnover. I never tried this product before and while I’m searching online about acne treatment, I bumped to this website at To find out more about this product, visit their website!

blackhead removal

When you look up your self in the mirror and see those acne, pimples or blackheads? Aren’t you get mad and want’s to get rid of those things that make you feel uncomfortable and conscious? It happens for me also, I don’t have pimples or acne in my face but I can still see those blackheads in my nose. But I don’t know how to get rid of this blackheads. I’ve been using cleanser and blackhead removal, but seems nothing works. Maybe I will try the consumer’s top pick for blackheads treatment, because it said this is the best rating. It’s 100% money back guarantee including the shipping, all natural ingredients and one month’s supply for only $29.99. Let see if this product can remove the blackheads in my nose.

Another purple layout...

Here is the latest layout design I made last week. I made it really simple. It's a purple layout with an oval frame in the header. This layout has 3 columns, you can't see the columns in the sidebar. This layout still available. Just leave a message if you like this layout. By the way the music layout still available so to those interested please leave comments and don't forget to let your friends know about the free giveaway layout makeover. I accept auction for this layout. Start bidding now! I can add more images at the header in your request if you won the auction. Thanks and have a great day!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Car insurance blog

Time went by so fast! I can’t believe that this blog was in the blogging world for almost two years! So far, I made extra money with this blog by selling blogger layouts and also by doing assignments in blog advertising. Having more than one blog is not easy. It’s hard to update them at the same time especially that my kids are growing up too and they keep me busy all day. Well, I always appreciate and thankful that I still have unique visitors everyday. Anyhow, looking for a car insurance? Here is the car insurance blog that I found online and the article are very interesting. Maybe this site might interest you. Check it out!

The Music layout...

I didn't get any comments at this free giveaway layout. That means, this music layout still available. So to those interested, please leave a message! Thanks and happy blogging!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Cheap term life insurance rates

Looking for a cheap term life insurance rates? Why not give a try and take a look at They compare term life insurance quotes and rates. You can easily find the one that you are looking for that fits your needs and your budget. They will show you the top life insurance companies. It’s your choice which one that rights for you!

Announce the news of his or her birth!

Giving birth is very special to all mommies. It’s not easy to give birth but it’s a big reward to us especially as a parent. I can still remember when I gave birth with my two wonderful kids. They are so precious that makes my heart melt. Talking about birth, birth announcements is available at You can find a baby girl or a baby boy announcements and also a baby shower invitations. Don’t miss the special moment of your baby. Announce the news of his or her birth now to all your family, friends and relatives.

Tow the truck...

I thought my husband will fix the green truck this weekend but I guess not. He called someone to fix it and just now, they are towing the truck. Mike is not here, so I’m kind a nervous because I don’t know those people. Mike telling me to give them the key so I did that and close the door right away. I am sure they know what they are doing and I am looking forward that next week, the green truck will work that way I can use the white truck to drive around town. Last week we forgot to look electronics, so maybe this weekend will do that and see if we can find a great deal for electronics.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Red, Black and White Layout - Anyone Interested?

Print Screen Look...

Red, Black and White Layout

Is anyone interested in this new layout? I am giving this as a free giveaway. This layout is perfect for a personal blog and music blog. The layout code is already available, I just need to install it in your blog, it takes only few minutes to install it. I can edit the title and the link code. Everything is at ease, if you want any changes with the color and style, I will ask a payment for $10. It has 3 columns and you can add the adsense code in the upper sidebar. Here is the layout and draft...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

San Francisco Custom Web Design

I been blogging for more than four years now and I only learn the basic for web designing. Actually I want to take an online course for web designing to enhance my skills in this field. I want to learn more and get more knowledge in the web designing world. I know little bit of HTML just only the basic. I know how to make a blogger templates which I found very easy. I am very interested to learn on how to make my own website using the wordpress templates. I don’t have any idea about wordpress themes and I find it very hard and very confusing. I need a professional help with that.

I talk with my friend and she referred me the Web Design Company in San Francisco, Freshout. Francisco is a bit far in the City where I live in right now. But If ever we will go to San Francisco, I will absolutely check this Web Design Company and see how the company works.

If you are like me who wants to learn about web designing. San Francisco Custom Web Design might interest you. You can visit their website and see how they can develop your skills in Web Design. So far, I am still searching about this Web Development that they are talking about. I am still confuse about it and hopefully I can find the answer with the help of my friend.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quick update...

Hi everyone! I want to say thank you to all who keep visiting my blog. Sorry for not updating this blog for couple of days. It's hard to update when the kids keeps you busy. Dana just turn one year old and she keep me busy all the time. Unless she's sleeping then its my chance to update my blog. If I don't have any assignments to do, it makes me lazy to write a post and also it's hard to write a post if you don't have anything to say or if there's no interesting topic to talk about. Watching movies and teleserye online is what I like to do especially in the morning. I also meet a new Pinay friend. She's from Denver and she just came here in Colorado a week ago. I know it's hard for her to adjust but I know she can make it. We talk a lot in the phone and share to her some of the experience I have when I came here. It's a big adjustment in her life but hopefully their marriage will work out.
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