Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quick update...

Hi everyone! I want to say thank you to all who keep visiting my blog. Sorry for not updating this blog for couple of days. It's hard to update when the kids keeps you busy. Dana just turn one year old and she keep me busy all the time. Unless she's sleeping then its my chance to update my blog. If I don't have any assignments to do, it makes me lazy to write a post and also it's hard to write a post if you don't have anything to say or if there's no interesting topic to talk about. Watching movies and teleserye online is what I like to do especially in the morning. I also meet a new Pinay friend. She's from Denver and she just came here in Colorado a week ago. I know it's hard for her to adjust but I know she can make it. We talk a lot in the phone and share to her some of the experience I have when I came here. It's a big adjustment in her life but hopefully their marriage will work out.

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