Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So far, I'm done unpacking all the boxes inside the house except the one in the garage, but my husband will taking care of it. It was a big relief to finish unloading our stuff from all those boxes. It's a lot of work but its okay. Now, I have a chance to sit down and rest and not thinking about the boxes anymore. My husband just came home from work so I let him sit and relax and have coffee, will have dinner in a few minutes then later on, we can watch the movie title "The Dolphin Tail".

Safety First

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

Safety is very important to me. Nothing is more important than doing what I can to protect my family. In addition to ordering a security system from I am thinking about other ways I can protect my family. After consulting with several professional home security experts, I have made a list of improvements I can make to my home to protect what is most important to me. At the top of my list is new outdoor lighting. I’m planning to install motion activated floodlights at each corner as well as brighter lights by my doors. I’m also going to install landscape lighting. Increased lighting is the number one way to make your home unattractive to would be thieves. I’ve also purchased new stronger locks for our doors. We’ve never given out any keys to our home but we aren’t the first owners so who knows who might have a spare key out there. I believe installing these items will take up most of my vacation week. Any time I have left I will spend with the people I’m doing all of this to protect!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

back pain...

My husband brother got three disc surgery on his back and that’s the most you can have If you don’t want that painful feeling in your back. I bet he feel awful before the surgery but you know what? After that spine surgery, he feel so much better. There are many people out there that are suffering for back pain and maybe some of them got a Spine surgery and some of them not. My husband also have problem in his back, he usually take medication for it and sometimes he go to his doctor for a shot. They give him cortisone for the pain and It seems help a lot. I mentioned it to him about the Spine Surgery Houston and he said, he will think about it. Well, to those people who are in the same condition, why bother the pain if you can try the Spine surgery Houston? For more information you can visit their website and find out more about their service and how you can get an appointment, this might be a good option to get rid of your back pain.


This is our new home, I was unpacking all our stuff in the kitchen. So far I finish unpacking the stuff in Dustin and Dana's bedroom, bathroom and living room. The rest of the boxes in the garage, I think my husband will taking care of it and I'll do most of it inside the house. It's a lot of work to unpack the things, that's why moving is not really fun at all. The fun thing is, we moved into a bigger house, we got lot of space in the house as well as the garage and the backyard. I bet the kids will have so much fun this spring or summer. This time of the year is not that fun because it was way too cold outside. It drops down to 0 and negative at night. But even though how cold it is, my husband and I will try our best to make the kids happy and give them the best adventure of their life. I still love our new place ;-)

keep yourself warm and cozy!

In a day like these where the temperature drop down to zero especially at night. We really need to take out our electric blankets and use it either in the living room or in the bedroom. It’s nice to keep warm at night, I am just thankful that the heater working really good and it doesn’t get really cold inside the house. I am kind a worried about the kids because they doesn’t like to be cold that’s why when we sit down together as a family in the living room, we have the electric blankets to keep our body and feet warm. So if you want to keep yourself warm and cozy this winter, you can check out electric blankets at!

Friday, December 16, 2011

web design

I know the basic of html and for that reason, I learn how to make a blog template for all my blogs and I do have few clients who like my web design. But for me, I can't say that I am professional in this field because I know I still have a lot of things to learn and I am willing to learn more that way I can create a nice website to start my online business. I would like to take a web design course in the future, this can help me to enhance my knowledge in the world of web designing.

I heard about ecommerce, they provide large and mid-sized companies to maximize online revenues. They have ecommerce solutions that can help your business to become successful. They will also help you to boast the revenue of your business. There are a lot of things you need to learn about ecommerce. I bet you heard about them and they have many clients that are truly satisfied in their service. So if you want to become one of those successful businesses who use their service, you might like to visit their website at and find out how they build successful businesses online.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My new hobby...

I didn’t make any more blogger templates designs this couple months. Maybe I just got lazy to do it. Well, I still don’t have any customers or anyone that wanted to do blog makeover. So while waiting for that, I just keep myself busy on doing other stuff like sewing. Its one of my favorite hobby now, I like to make my little girl a dress and also a dress for me to wear. I will post it here in my blog and let my friends on the blogging world to see my designs. So its still part of my designing world. Feel free to leave message and happy blogging to everyone!

Another purple dress!

This is another purple dress I made for myself. Look at my little girl, she's also make a pose. This is one of my favorite, it turns out really nice, very elegant and it looks expensive. I will try to make more dress as a practice you know. Who knows, I might become a better designer and make my own line. Will see in the future! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

fuji digital cameras

Whenever I go, I always have my digital camera. I love taking pictures and when we go for a long ride, I usually took photos of the scenery, kids and myself. There are times that I forget to bring my digital camera so I just use my phone to take pictures. I know I am not the only one that love to take photos, there are many people does because taking pictures is just like keeping great memories for the love ones and it's nice to see those photos and when the kids grow up, they can still see those old photos and it brings back the memories again. Well, talking about cameras, has great selections for all their fuji digital cameras. This is a perfect gift this holiday too. So if you don't have digital camera yet, you better get one now at!

Purple Dress by femikey!

This is the dress I made couple days ago. The first dress I made, it turns out pretty good. I just made it very simple, perfect for cocktail party or maybe a dinner date for my lubby dubby hubby hehe ;-) I am happy with the outcome and would like to make more dress for me to wear that way I don't need to buy expensive dress.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

guitar tuner

I envy those people who can easily learn to play guitar. Guitar and piano is one of my favorite instruments but I am having hard time learning it. Maybe I need a professional to teach me to play those kind of instruments. My husband know how to play guitar but I never seen him playing guitar except his younger brother. My friend in the Philippines also love to play guitar and she is really good at it.

Well, I am sure many of you out there know how to play this instruments and to those people who are not sure how to tune your electric guitar or acoustic guitar, worry no more! Because jamplay is here to help. They have guitar tuner that can help you with this matter. All you have to do is visit their website at and sign up to become a member.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Thanks to Jonathon Woods

We recently learned that my husband had gotten a new job that he applied for and that we were going to be moving to the City of Brotherly Love, Philly. I don’t know anything about the city, I actually had never been, only seen it on the movie with Tom Hanks. So we when found out, we went apartment hunting. We found a great quiet apartment close to his office and also close to all of the attractions. It is really an old and beautiful city. We are moving next week and I am getting everything lined up and finalized. I am going up early to meet the installers from direct tv Phila and also to meet with the painters and have the home painted to our taste before the movers show up next Saturday. My family is sad that we are leaving, but I really think that we are going to enjoy living there. Moving to a new city is always an adventure! This is certainly going to be one!

The finish room

I like the color in our kitchen now, its more brighter and adds so much color in it. When I tell my husband that we will paint an orange cream and he's thinking "naahhh" orange is too light and ugly color but when we try it on, he started to like it. The additional room in the kitchen is also done, we use the same tile as the one in the dining room and they put a border that makes it looks really nice. Hope we can find a renter to this house as soon as possible and hopefully we can find a nice house also in San Luis Valley.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

titanium watch bracelet

Have you noticed the difference when you wear a titanium bracelet? Some says that titanium bracelet can relieves pain by neutralizing it and is thought to attract oxygen. I’m not sure if this is true since I never had a titanium bracelet before. I saw some nice titanium bracelets online at, they have pretty nice titanium bracelets collection. One of my favorite is the Boccia titanium watch bracelet. This is pretty simple and nice, I think my brother would like this kind of bracelet. It’s pretty expensive but its worth it.

Computer Programmer Jobs

Job is what everyone been looking for. Who doesn’t like job? We need to pay our bills and provide the needs of our family. How can you afford the things that you like if your not making money. My husband work full time and I work as a full time housewife but since I love computer, I do a lot of things online that helps a lot so that I can help my family in the Philippines. The money I got online is not big enough to cover all our expenses but it’s enough to help my family. Talking about jobs, at has a Computer Programmer Jobs available for you! Find out the top 10 computer programmer jobs or search jobs in your area.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Layout for My Blogging Journey

This is the new layout I made for my "My Blogging Journey". I been using the winter layout for a long time now and It's time for me to change it into "Fall Season". I will change it back when the season is change too. Hope you all like it! Feel free to visit my blogging journey and leave me message there! Happy Blogging everyone!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

bin compost tumbler

Thank God we mow the lawn last weekend. I got a chance to do it since my husband is the one who trim the flower and plants in the front yard. We help each other to get the work done and the kids are having fun riding their bicycles. We had a lot of garbage to put outside because Tuesday morning is the garbage pick up. Good thing we get rid of those junk in our backyard that way we don’t need to put it all in the front yard, it will be an additional payment I guess for all those junk. Anyhow, when I get home my friend showed me this spin bin compost tumbler video. You better take a look at it, this bin compost tumbler is made of 100 percent recycled plastic and it holds up to 60 gallons of materials. Its very durable and its easy to use. We need to start using this kind of product, it’s environmentally friendly and like what they said, go clean and go green!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

rv insurance quote

People who likes to travel, camping and do other outdoor stuff with their family usually owns an RV. I am sure most of you have an RV, do you? Well, if you just bought a new RV, you might need to get an rv insurance quote online at, they have the rv insurance you need for a very affordable price. Goodsam is the number one RV insurance specialist and if you apply now or switch insurance to them, you can save an average of $349 a year. To get a free quote, visit and complete your quote online!

Big waves

They surely have a big waves at Monterey Bay! This photo taken last September when we went to Monterey Bay for a two days trip. We drove to 17 miles drive and the view is really spectacular! Really love the ocean and as you can see at this photo, there are some people surfing. It was kind a breezy that time, I am sure the water is cold.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

on sale xbox 360 kinect

I really wanted to have an xbox 360 kinect so that I can work out in the comfort of my home and play with my kids and friends in the house. But the problem is, they are just way too expensive. My friend from Colorado Spring just got her xbox 360 kinect for his son and she said, she found a great deal online. I know kids and adults will love it, this is the most exciting game for family! So if you are looking for xbox 360 kinect online, you might like to buy it online at, they have great prices and you can also read the reviews and find out the ratings before you buy this product. Hurry! Their xbox 360 kinect is now on sale, so you better get your xbox 360 before the sale ends!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

custom flower delivery

Sending flowers is a sign of appreciation, care and love to someone. When your love ones, family and friends are sick, you send them a nice bouquet or send a custom flower arrangement. When your celebrating anniversary, you give your wife a beautiful flowers and a sweet greeting cards. Whenever I feel upset, my husband bought me flowers and that makes me feel better. Like last month when one of our close friend admitted in the hospital, my husband order a custom flower delivery online. So next time if you are planning to send someone a beautiful flower, you might like to visit the custom flower delivery. You can get custom floral arrangements for less with no service fee. Join their mailing list now and get a chance to win a $50 gift! Visit EZBloomers for more details!

Pretty view of Fisherman's Warf Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay is surely have a nice breath taking view. The marina is so pretty as well as the weather. I took those photos while Dustin, Mike, Dana and mom are watching those boats. It was really pretty out there! We are heading to Monterey Bay Aquarium and will ride a trolly I guess.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis

I spent last weekend with my family. It was the first time in several months that I’d been home, but I can say that nothing has changed. My parents still have the same routine on Friday nights. They come home from work, change clothes, and plant themselves on the couches in the family room for pretty much the remainder of the evening. These people watch anything and everything on their direc tv, and my mother always feels the need to fill me in on every minute detail of a show. Her favorites are what I (and most people) consider guilty pleasures. She loves all the reality shows (she definitely keeps up with the Kardashians) and is absolutely obsessed with anything related to The Girls Next Door or Chelsea Handler. When I was younger I found my mother’s interests strange and somewhat embarrassing. I remember thinking that my parent’s Friday night routine lacked vitality and vibrance. But now, after spending time in the working world myself, I am beginning to understand (and even appreciate) the simplicity these nights provide. They give me rest and feel like home.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

maternity clothes

I missed being pregnant. But we don't have any plan to make another one. Two kids is enough to our family, a boy and a girl. I still have some of my maternity clothes in the closet. Maybe I will send this maternity clothes to my pregnant friend in the Philippines. I am sure it would fit her since we both short and petite. Being pregnant is such a wonderful feeling. Make you feel excited and feel the joy every time when baby start kicking. You can't wait to feel those tiny feet and carry him/her around. So to those mommies out there who are pregnant. You can buy maternity clothes online at and save 10% off your order! Free shipping on orders over $100. They have maternity clothes for every occasion. Get yours too and feel pretty and sexy on your pregnancy!

Walking on the shore...

I miss the ocean a lot and I am very happy when we went to San Francisco with my family. We got a chance to walk on the shore. I like the first photo when Mike, Dana and Dustin walk together. I was walking alone and I love the soft powdery sand. It was pretty  nice out there! We're walking towards fisherman's warf, we will see those old ships out there and go to Pier39 after to see the sea lions and seals :-)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

urban outfitters coupon

Who wants to shop at urban outfitters? I guess most of you does. I never tried to shop there yet but I will next time. I am kind a hesitate to buy clothing online especially when they are not on sale. It’s better to buy on sale clothing than to spend extra. I am sure most of you does the same way. Anyhow, urban outfitters have great selections of women’s and men’s clothing. You can get a free urban outfitters coupon at drop down deals. So If you like to save on your next shopping at urban outfitters, this is the website you might like to visit. You can save 10% up to 75% on all their clothing. Get all the coupons you need at!

Monday, September 5, 2011

celebrity wedding inspiration

Who’s your favorite celebrity wedding? I saw some videos of celebrity wedding and their wedding dress are look amazing! Very lovely and they all look fabulous in their wedding dress! The ring are worth a lot of money. You can see it on the magazines or online. Here at celebrity weddings411, they have article there title ‘something to be said about Olivia and George, I don’t know this couple but their love story seems very interesting. This are the celebrity wedding inspiration that most people are talking about. If you want to find out more about celebrity wedding, visit!

At the convention...

This photo taken at Sacramento Convention Center together with mom, me and the kids and cony whom I just met at the convention. She is a Filipino and she was very nice. She approach me first and ask if I am a Filipino and where we from and I say "Yeah, I am Filipino'. It was so nice to met a Filipino sister like her. Wish we could visit the Filipino Congregation at Sacramento.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

power supplies

Just came back from our grocery shopping at City Market. It was tiring, my leg is sore because we walk a lot in the store. I'm glad Dana fall asleep while we drove home. We also went to the bookstore before we go shopping and it was pretty nice. I Usually bring my camera when we go out so that I can take photos of the kids. But anyhow, we forgot to buy indoor extension, the extension we have was broken and we need to get a new one. Maybe we can just buy it tomorrow or next week. Anyhow, I was browsing online right now and looking for a power supplies and came across at, they have pretty good deal on power supplies especially on their extension, will see if Mike would prefer to buy it online or buy it at the hardware store. Will see...

Bike ride!

Every afternoon before dawn, Dustin and Dana go for a bike ride infront of the house. Dana just learn how to paddle and she did pretty good. She is a fast learner and I am very proud of her.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Turkish Translation Services

Isn’t that wonderful if you learn more than one or two new languages? I speak three languages like English, Cebuano (our native language) and Tagalog, our main language in the Philippines. I knew a little bit of Korean and Spanish too. How about you? I have relatives who work in the middle east as an overseas worker and of course she needs to learn a little bit of their language that way she can easily understand them. Usually they speak Turkish and Arabic and since she is looking for a Turkish translation service(s), I recommend her this website at rosetta translation. They have Turkish Translation(s) available. Rosetta Translations provide a full range of Turkish translation service(s) to companies in London and worldwide. So this might be a good source for her to look at, they have highly accredited Turkish translator(s), I am sure she can easily learn Turkish in no time!

Learning new languages is a challenge to everyone and for me, it’s a good thing especially if you like to travel abroad. You will met different people in different races, they speak several languages and its nice if you can communicate them using their language. It’s very important to learn other languages especially if you are a businessman, because you will meet new investors from different countries. Hiring translators is a good option too but if you want to learn more other languages, why not try Rosetta Many people learn different languages through their service so why not try their service and get a free quote at their website at!

New Home Gift Ideas

Some says, its easy to find gifts for women than men. I wonder why? My husband doesn’t like expensive gifts, he likes hand made gifts or just a simple card that has a sweet message to it, a message from the heart. Sometimes, I had hard time finding gifts for him. Do you feel the same? Anyhow, if you are looking for a New Home Gift Ideas, you can visit, they have all the home gift ideas for men that you are looking for. I like the dad clock for only $29.99, that would be perfect in our bedroom. I can replace that old alarm clock in my husband side table and replace this nice dad clock from mensgiftideas. There are many more choices! So if you are looking gifts for men, visit mensgiftideas for more amazing and affordable gifts selection!


When Mike bought the bike, he didn't buy a helmet yet since they are just starting to learn how to ride a bike. But yesterday while me and my friends went to Walmart, I decided to buy Dana and Dustin a helmet so that they can wear it anytime they want when they ride their bike. Wearing helmet while riding a bike is very important. It protects them you know. Dana was so happy with her new helmet as well as Dustin, she won't ride a bike without helmet. So, I am glad she is aware on it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

GPS systems

It’s nice to drive around when you are familiar to the place or the city you will go to. That way you won’t get lost. That’s why many people has this nuvi 465t GPS Systems in their car. With the help of this type of technology, you can easily find the location that you are looking for. When our friend from Denver learn how to drive, she told her husband to get her a GPS, now that she got GPS, she drive whenever she wants now. She is very happy and very confident driving her new car. So if you are looking for Garmin GPS, visit, they have all the GPS systems you need for a very affordable price.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Is your insurance sell annuities? Annuities can help you a lot in the future, it can protect your finances when the time comes. I don’t know if mike got annuities in his insurance but I know he has a life insurance and a retirement plan when he reach 60-65 years old. Wholesale insurance offer annuities. So if you want to buy annuity online, you might like to try their service. You can also compare rates for fixed annuities, indexed annuities and cd-type annuities. So hurry and visit for more details.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Daddy surprise!

Daddy said he will give the kids a surprise on Friday morning. He get up early and went to Walmart to buy the kids a bike. When the kids woke up they went to the garage to see daddy and when mike open the truck, they saw the bike right away and they are jumping for joy. Dustin and Dana give daddy a big hug and kiss and they both say 'thank you daddy for the surprise!'. They had a lot of fun! At first Dana is kind a scared to ride but she get used to it now and she likes it! She still don't know how to paddle but I think she is not old enough to paddle. It was okay, she will learn to it when the time comes. Here are the photos of their new bike!

jewelry making tools

Whenever I wear that crystal bracelet that my friend gave to me as a present last year. I always get a compliment to it. People always say it was a nice bracelet and it looks good on me. I told them that my bracelet is made by a friend of mine who love to make handmade bracelet. She is good at it, actually she already sell some of her handmade crystal jewelry online. It's part of her hobby to make those crystal jewelry and I envy her for that. Wish I could make my own jewelry. I saw a jewelry making tools online and I wonder if I could try it and see if I could make one. I am not really crazy about jewelry making because I rather like sewing than to make jewelry but I think I will give it a try. So if you are looking for a jewelry making tools, visit!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

htc desire hd

What you think about this htc desire hd smartphone from It looks very expensive isn’t it? Too bad they didn’t put the price in it. This htc desire hd got a lot of features in it. I am sure some of you out there like to own this kind of phone. I would love to get one but not this time, I can still use my old cellphone and maybe when we travel back to Philippines, I might need to get an unlock cellphone to use when we get there that way I don’t need to borrow my husbands blackberry phone.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Philippine cultural dance...

This is one of the cultural dance that I really enjoy, my friend Arlyn is one of the participants. They dance "leron leron sinta". This photo taken last Sunday at Family Long's Park. It was an Independence Day Potluck Party and all Filipinos in Colorado area are invited.

This is such an exciting event. I'm glad I get a chance to go and witness the cultural dance. This one is the "tinikling dance" They did pretty good! We didn't stay too long since my husband told me to come home at 4:00pm. But still I am very happy to see all my fellow Pinoys who live in this area.

sport braces

What is your favorite sports game? I guess all of you out there like sports a lot. So do we! My husband like to play football and he play football in his high school days. It was long time ago but still he likes to watch football and soccer games. For me, since I am not really into sports but I like to do outdoors stuff like hiking, walking and weightlifting. I do weightlifting once in a while especially when my husband working out in the afternoon after work. He has braces and supports, but I don’t use them since its way too big for me. I think I need to get one for me to use when I work out with him. So if you are looking for sport braces, you might like to visit, they are the sports bracing and therapy experts. They have all the sport braces you need. You can shop by sport now, they offer a free standard shipping on all orders. So hurry and get your sport braces at!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Doing zumba dance at home...

Starting this week, I will start doing a home workout since I found a zumba dance fitness videos in youtube. It was really interesting and I like to do this everyday. I like dancing and this kind of dance can help me lose weight. Dancing zumba dance about an hour makes me sweaty. It's a good exercise and its very enjoyable. I would love to go to the fitness gym who has a zumba dance, I see one in the area but I don't have confidence to go alone and I don't want to leave the kids to someone. So I will just use youtube zumba dance videos for now. hehe :-)

Friday, June 3, 2011

find the right hgh supplement!

I bet everyone wants to feel younger and energized nowadays, that's why they provide this hgh supplements for those people who wants to feel this way. There are hgh supplement that can help you increase muscle building, fat burning and overall performance. I have a friend that been using this supplement for more than a year now and both her and her husband are both happy with the results. With the help of the hgh reviews they found the one that they are looking for! So if you are looking for an hgh supplement, visit and find the right one for you!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting Channels Now

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

About a year ago I researched different prices so I could decide how to Bundle Clear Internet packagesappropriately for my family. I had to make sure I had all the good kids networks like The Disney Channelas well as Nickelodeon, since that's pretty much all my son likes to watch all day long and I'm okay with it since it's educational. My daughter is a preteen, so she really needed channels like MTV, so I had to make sure those were included. My husband likes sports, so the NFL network and all the ESPN's were a necessity, and I like everything home and travel related, so I made sure to include The Travel Channel As Well as HG TV. I think I got us all set up with the right package, and I actually really enjoyed having Internet included as well. I didn't realize how much I missed having an Internet connection at home, half my time nowadays sitting in front of one screen or another somewhere in my house!

Todays Plan

What today's plan is, I'm going to see my friend and pick her up at her work place. We will go to the Filipino store and buy some Filipino goods. Then going to City Market to buy chicken and hotdogs for the dogs and go to my another friends house to have lunch and we let the play kids around. They play soccer together and had popsicle. It was great day, this is the kind of a day I really like. Not too sunny, not cold, little bit cloudy but the weather is nice. Kind a breezy but it was okay. Tomorrow, our plan is to go to the Library and on Friday, not sure the plan yet, hehe :-)

Monday, May 23, 2011


What is the truth and the secret of sensa? Is sensa really does work? It said this is an innovative method of losing weight. How many of you have a good results of losing weight by using sensa? I'm kind a curious because I hear sensa from one of my colleagues and she's been using this for couple of months now and so far she is happy with the results. I am starting to gain weight and I am still not sure if sensa is the right diet pill for me. Some of my friend refer me different diet pills and weight loss supplement that's why its hard for me to decide whether I need to start taking diet pills or do I just need to work out and start eating healthy foods. What you think? Well, I better go look for sensa reviews and find out more about this product!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

find a job!

How many people are jobless nowadays? I bet a lot of them including me. Well, I didn’t get a job yet because its not time yet. I still need to wait couple years before I will get and find a job. For now, I am busy taking care of the kids and being a full time housewife. Actually my sister just find a new job and she’s kind a excited about it. So if you are looking for a jobs visit This might be your chance to find a right job that meets your qualification. Visit now and find out the new listing job available at!

Going out with a friend...

Today is a nice day so my friend and I decided to go out and shop at Encore since that was our plan yesterday. Encore Shoppe has having a Saturday Sale for the month of May and we did pretty good. We got the one we need and save at the same time. We had our lunch at Mesa Mall and let the kids play around at the play area. We had great time and we might do this again next time. We also stop by at City Market to do Grocery Shopping since my husband will be working this weekend. When we got home, we had a blue berry cake for a snack and I also help my friend to get her blog a domain. Hope she can get more assignments this month, that would help her make extra cash online.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

welch allyn otoscope

I’m glad that the kids got their wellness check up last month, they seems pretty healthy and Dustin doesn’t have problem anymore in his allergy. Last month when Dana got her shot, they also check her breathing, ears, nose and mouth. When the Doctor starting to look her ears, she ask what it is and the Doctor said, it is an Otoscope. I think I see one of this atoscope online. Almost the same as the welch allyn 3.5 V Diagnostic Otoscope from Well, they offer a great deal, you can save a lot if you by otoscope at You can also compare the prices, so if you are looking for an otoscopes, visit!

Friday, May 13, 2011


My brother would love to have a Nike or Adidas snickers. Since branded sneakers are expensive, he won’t be able to buy one for himself. Even my niece already asking me if how much the girl sneakers here and if there is a nearest sneaker stores in our area and I say, yes but branded sneakers is kind a expensive but still affordable especially if they have on sale. They live thousand miles away from us so they need to wait until we come back and visit them again. I might by them new shoes when we get there then If we can’t make it again next year, I might need to get a forex box and send the box to them next year. Will see…

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In the Hammock...

This photo taken last Friday, May 6, 2011 at Arlyn's Backyard. The kids love to ride in the hammock. It's a cute photo of them!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Samsung TVs

Whenever we go to the electronic store, we end up looking those big samsung tvs. They are huge but the price seems very expensive. We can't afford to buy a new tv this time because we are still planning for our vacation this year. Hopefully next year we can get rid of our old tv in the bedroom and get a Samsung LCD TVs. It's nice to watch your favorite sports game and cooking show when the tv is big and clear. Well, I guess we need to wait until next year to get a new tv! Anyhow, while searching samsung tvs online, I came across at, they have really good price on all their tvs. You can also compare products. So will see if I can find the one we like.

Friday, April 29, 2011

we can't make it!

I am sure preparing birthday is very stressful. Good thing I don’t need to worry about celebrating birthday. Next week will be my 29th birthday but I am not looking forward on celebrating it. Its like a regular day for me and this coming august, my friend will celebrate his husband birthday but I’m not sure if me and the kids can go. I know she will understand if we can’t make it. Anyhow, she can still get a birthday party gifts for him. She can order it online at

Dana on towel

She just done taking a bubble bath and now she is running around with the orange towel. She is hiding under it and try to cover herself up. She looks so cutie so I took a photo of her. Look at that round lovely eyes.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

help you build your muscles!

Here is the other supplement that can help you build your muscles - a50. Have you wonder what this a50 is? Well, it said that most body builders and athletes use this product. It can help your muscles look leanest and meanest. This will be the right product to use for big boys. Love to see guys with big muscles like my husband. So if you never tried a50 before, you better give it a try or you can visit for the product reviews.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Earn Well - Blog Makeover

This is the new layout of jesenick mom title "Earn Well". I finish the layout last week. You can now visit her blog and see the outcome of the layout. Don't forget to leave comments! Have a great day!

rv towing

One or two household in our neighborhood has an RV. RV seems expensive and it’s nice to have one especially if you and your family like to travel and likes to do some outdoor stuff like fishing and camping. While we do our grocery shopping at Walmart, I saw one or two RV at the parking lot. The other one looks big and luxurious and the other one is just the regular rv size. So if you need help and need a towing service, you can contact, they have the best rv towing service that you can rely on or contact them at this number 1-877-466-6867.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Compensation Lawyers

What is more tragic than having a fire tragedy or a flood? Lot of people suffer in Japan cause of the Tsunami. This flood took lot of people’s lives. I’m not sure if those people can get compensation about what happen. Back then, we been affected by the flood too as well as fire. That happens last 2003, we lost everything and its hard for us to get back the life we have before. There are some people who help us but we didn’t get any compensation since we can’t afford to get a Compensation Lawyers.

Talking about Compensation Lawyers, if you are an Australian and live at Queensland area and been affected by the flood or cyclone yasi, find out your legal rights at Maurice Blackburn professional lawyers. Their lawyers act for people who have been badly treated or suffered loss; personal or financial. They fight for fair! To find out what else Maurice Blackburn Lawyers can do, visit

Under the tree...

This photo taken yesterday infront of our house. The tree starting to grown some leaves. It was a pretty tough tree. The kids love to play under the tree. Can't wait for spring when all the leaves comes out. That tree will surely gives a lot of shade. So when its sunny, we can rely to that shade.

Friday, April 1, 2011

cash advance online

Have you tried to cash advance online? I never tried it before but in case we ran out of budget and if we really need it right away to pay bills and stuff, I think I will consider to try the cash advance online. So if you having problem financially and need money, you can try this service at If you are curious on how their service works, you can visit their website or contact them for more questions.

Sketching away from boredom

Guest post written by Stella Mayer

My mom tells me that anytime she would take me out in public when I was a kid, whether it was the grocery store or sitting in a church service, she would always have a sketchpad for me to draw on and keep me occupied. I'm sure that fueled my imagination, which is still pretty active even now and I decided that I wanted to start drawing actively rather than just scribbles while I'm bored.

I kind of made that as a New Year's resolution to myself, so I went looking online to buy a special new sketchbook for myself. When I was doing that I ran across some information about satellite internet packages and after I did a little bit of reading, decided to CLICK HERE and sign up for one of them.

I found one that looks really nice and has tons of pages in it, which I think will serve as my sketchbook for a long time. I can't wait to fill up all those pages with my creations.

Ellas blog makeover

Ella's new blog is now available. You can view it now live. She had her blog makeover made by me. I finish installed it 2 days ago. It was a simple one. This blog talks about Ellas outdoor adventure. Love to see more photos! Visit her blog and don't forget to leave a comment! Have a nice day!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

read this lipozene reviews

I mentioned to my husband about lipozene a week ago. I ask him if he tried this product before and he said he is not interested and he is happy on his on going diet plan. I didn’t mentioned this product to him anymore because I know he will reject it again. I saw the product advertisement on tv and it seems believable. I also read reviews about this product and I read some negative ones. So to find out, either lipozene scam or not then you might need to visit lipozene reviews, they have a lot of information about this product.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Husband mostly give their wives jewelry, flowers, chocolate and take their wife for a nice trip or go for a vacation especially in a very special occasion like anniversaries and birthdays. You wives, have you receive a lingerie gift set from your beloved husband? I know most husband love to give lingerie to their wives. They love to see their wives wearing sexy lingerie especially the camouflage panties. I saw camo-lingerie online at and they are look nice and sexy! Very seductive and every time you wear those kind of lingerie, you will absolutely feel sexy all the time!

Woody riding on Dana's back

This photo was really cute when Dana puts Woody in her back. Woody from toy story is one of Dana's favorite toy story character. She never take it out until night time. She's having fun playing with woody and its like a good companion to her :-)

I couldn't find it!

We use antennas for tv before but I wonder where it is because I never seen it anymore here in the living room. My husband might throw it away or it might got broken. I remember that Dana was playing with it one time and I took it away from her and now I don’t know where I put it. We might need to buy a new one for our bedroom. I look up online and has a great deal for their antenna. Will see if we can get it online or we might need to go to the nearest electronics store this week to get it.

pretty smart...

I talk to my niece few days ago and she told me that she got a higher grades at their school and she belong in the top 10 in their class. She’s pretty smart! I know she did good at school and if she will maintain that grades, she will absolutely have a better future. She ask one favor and you know what she wants? An iPad or iPhone. This girl knows what she wants but since she still in high school, we can’t give that thing to her instead we will send them an extra allowance so that she can buy what she needs. If I have a job and make a lot of money, I will probably get her a custom laptops that way she don’t need to go to her classmates house to do her homework.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crystal Designs layout sample

Hi Sar! This is what I came up with on your Crystal Designs Blogger Layout. Let me know if you like it or if you have any changes or something to add in it. Just leave me message here if you see this design. By the way the one on top is new, so let me know if that one is okay. I make it almost the same as the one that you showed me. That is 3 columns, both the side bar are in the right. Thanks and have a great day!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

tents made of blankets

My kids love to play in their bedroom, they have a lot of toys to play but what they like the most is when I made them a tent made by blankets. I usually used Dustin blankets and hook it up in his drawer so that it wont fall. They will turn off the lights and use their flashlights under those blankets and pretend that they are camping together. When my husband came home, he was surprised and he told me maybe we can get them a small tent. While browsing tent online, I bumped to this website at, they have great selections on all their nemo tents. Maybe we can find a cheaper one, that way they don’t need blankets to play camping instead they will have a real tent.

My finish project for the day...

This is the new project I made for today. I made a backless top and a short. Love to make my baby girl a dress. I used the old fabrics and I add the cat applique to it. It turn out okay even though I didn't use any pattern. I just measure and cut it! It doesn't matter as long it fits to my little girl!

Friday, March 4, 2011

casablanca fans

When we finished the patio, we will probably put a ceiling fan to it. But we still not sure yet what kind of fans we will get. Maybe we will get the Casablanca fans, we heard a lot about it and If we can find a great deal then we might get one after we finished the patio. We look up online and came across at the, they are the leading online store for Casablanca fans. They have large, medium and small fans available and all of them looks very interesting. We need a small ceiling fan that is affordable and guess what? If you order fans over $49, you can get a free shipping. It satisfaction guarantee! So hurry and grab your Casablanca fans now at!

Monday, February 28, 2011

My favorite kind of cheese

Do you have any particular cheese that you like the most? Or you just buy whatever cheese on sale? Mostly my husband buy a reduced fat cheese since he is on his diet and cheese is probably the good thing to eat while on diet. Even my 5 year old son love to eat cheese. In the morning for his breakfast, he usually ask burrito with cheese and pepperoni. I know there are many recipes that needs cheese and I would love to try some of them. The ricotta cheese is very popular, I heard this kind of cheese every time I watch my favorite cooking show from Rachel Ray, I try this before and it taste really good as well as the provolone cheese.

How about you? What brand of cheese you usually used? I bet you know Sargento, this is the kind of cheese we like. Sargento cheese is really good especially on grilled cheese and my son loves it a lot. Sargento is really an exceptional kind of cheese. If you like sargento and would like to get more recipes, you can visit their website at and you can quickly search recipe directly to their website.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dustin's Lunch happy face

This is what Dustin got in his lunch. He likes to eat his food if I make a happy face in it. He got bologna, I cut it into small pieces to make like a hair, then pepperoni as the eyes and mouth then banana as the nose. This is the fun thing you can do for your children when you give them food. They love to eat it and they having fun in it :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Write English with Confidence

When I write a letter, sometimes I got confused with synonyms and sometimes my spelling is wrong. I know many people have the same problem as I do and I think we need to start write English with confidence and to do that, you might need the free trial from They are the World English Writing Solutions and to find out how their service work, visit their website and try their free trial now!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

p6 extreme

I think most women weakness are the guys who knows how to taking care of themselves. Like having a good lifestyle, know how to taking care of their body to look good, mascular type and of course have a good personality. That is one of my weaknesses that’s why I fall in love with my husband right from the start when we first met. I guess he work out a lot before he came to meet me or maybe he is taking testosterone booster that’s why he get a muscle building results. Anyhow, I am not sure if he does but I know he work out a lot that time and he really cares about his health and his body. So when it comes to testosterone booster, you will probably want to try the p6 extreme. This is the basic testosterone booster that also happens to block estrogen. If you want to know more about p6 extreme, you might like to read the p6 extreme reviews and watch the video too as well. That way you are aware on what p6 extreme can do.

Me and my little girl!

I love to take picture of myself and with my little girl. She is such a funny girl, everytime I took the camera out, she will say "say cheese mommy" and she will find a place to sit and she will say cheese too. Love my baby girl, I can see myself to her when I was a little girl and I am thankful to my mom for raising me and give me life. I miss my mama and hope I can see my family soon, if not this year maybe next year and coming years. Will see...

that's normal...

On my first pregnancy, I worry a lot because maybe I will gain weight and can’t get back on my weight after labor. But I think I was wrong because I only reach 103 lbs when I was pregnant. I am still slim and petite, the only thing that becomes big is my belly. That’s why some of my friends and even my doctor wonders why I am not gaining so much weight when I was pregnant. I supposed to gain more weight since my baby need it. I eat a lot of food, fruits, vegetables and take my vitamins but that’s what it is, I didn’t gain so much weight. I was thinking maybe I will gain weight on my second pregnancy but still the same I only reach 104 lbs.

Well, I know some of the mothers out there who are expecting are gaining weight, but don’t worry that’s normal when you are pregnant. If your weight didn’t go back to normal after giving birth then you might need to try those Weight loss pills that work fast. To all mothers out there, enjoy every moment you have with your kids. Kids are the most precious gift that all mother’s have and for me? My kids and husband are everything to me!

diet pills that work

To find out if there is a kind of diet pills that work, you need to read consumer reviews about the product. The more the product get a higher rate that means, the product is effective and works the best. That’s why me and my husband, before we buy diet pills online or in the market, we make sure if we got the right one. So if you want to know how to find diet pills that actually work, visit, they are your number one guide for diet pills on the web!

I miss my new phone!

I missed my LG VX8500 Cherry Chocolate from Verizon, if Princess (our female mastiff) didn’t chewed my new phone, then maybe I am not using my old phone right now. I really enjoy listening mp3 music on that phone and I download some of my favorite music. Too bad Princess chewed and ruin it. Well, it’s okay at least we still have the blackberry smartphone. We can use the blackberry smartphone when we go back to the Philippines. That way we don’t need to buy a new phone when we get there. Talking about blackberry smartphones, offer the best deal on all their blackberry smartphones, so hurry and get your blackberry smartphone now at!

My snowball tower...

As you can see in this photo, I made a snowball tower. I took a photo of myself before the snowball melt. I made the snowball tower about 4-5 times because Dustin always knock it over. Dana is helping me to build it too hehe :-) It was fun and in the late afternoon, the snow already melt.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Discover the Secret!

To all young entrepreneurs out there! Wanna learn the secrets of becoming a millionnaire? Here's the Millionnaire Accelerator Program where they show you how it works. If you are interested, you can claim your free DVD Copy of the yes Movie Now. Visit their website now and find out the secrets of wealth creation!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

crowd control

I guess you are all familiar with stanchions, velvet rope and barricades. This are the one that most businesses use to control the crowd. This crowd control is very helpful like the one we see at the airport. They use velvet ropes or belt stanchions to keep all the passengers in line. All passengers will wait for their turn to check in. This is an easy way to control the crowd. Not only the airport has all the velvet ropes, barricades and stanchions. You can see it everywhere especially to those busy stores and other businesses.

Anyhow, when it comes to stanchions, security and traffic barricades, velvet ropes and other crowd control products, has everything you need! They sell top quality products and a lot of which are also considered green! Guess what? They also offer public signage including the free standing and wall mounted signs in a variety of sizes. So for more details about this, you can visit and see all their crowd control products.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Too cold today!

The temperature today is 10 degrees, it is pretty cold outside and this morning it was 3 degrees. The snow outside was frozen so I didn’t let my kids play outside today. Yesterday was fun! We play in the snow yesterday and the kids love it! Here are some of the pictures!
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