Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sold Cougar Painting

I just SOLD this cougar painting size 12x16 to a friend here in the Valley. She give it as a present to her son. This is the one that I hanged in our playroom together with the other cougar painting I made. I have two more available and I made another one as a replacement for the one I got sold :-) Thanks for appreciating my work! For more of my art work, you can visit, I will post more of my available paintings this week. Thanks!

My new cougar painting for this month

I just finish my new cougar painting that I made couple days ago. I painted it in a 10x13 acrylic paper. One of my cougar got SOLD to one of the friend we know in the Valley. She give it as a present to his son, since his son loves cougar so I'm glad he like it. I make this as a replacement of the one I got Sold :-) 

I need to make another one to take that space in the middle. Still working with the other one, maybe I'll start it this week. Will see...

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

tostada for lunch

This tostada looks very yummy isn't it? I got this for my lunch couple days ago at one of our local bakery here in town, they make really good bread and mexican food and my family always come here on our service break. I also bring couple of my friends to have coffee and drink here once and a while. My husband and kids love their donuts and mini pizza. Just want to share this lovely picture of my tostada :-) Just looking by it makes me get some more! 

Vegetables for Juicing!

Every week, my husband buy a lot of vegetables including carrots, kale, spinach, red and green lettuce, cauliflower, cucumbers and other green leafy vegetables for his juicing. Its a good healthy habit that we do almost everyday. The kids got a chance to have a drink every morning before they go to school and me too I have half of a glass of this vegetable drink to start my day and it really gives me a lot of energy. We try to eat healthy everyday but sometimes we go out and eat at the restaurants or at mcdonalds and sometimes have pizza for dinner once every 2 weeks. Not bad isn't it? But the important is we strive hard to eat healthy because we don't want our family to get sick. We know that a lot of processed food right now that you see at the store are very unhealthy and it makes us very sick. So we just need to be careful and try our best.

Our Family Memorial Pics

This photo taken after the memorial last April the 3rd. Its the anniversary of Jesus Christ death. That's the only way we show appreciation of what Jesus did to us. It was really nice and I saw a lot of new people attend to the memorial and I am so fortunate that I will be able to join the pioneers to distribute the campaign for the month of April. It was such a blessing to our family. 

rf to rca

Are you looking for a rf to rca? Then look no further, at musiciansfriend they have this American Recorder Technologies 1/4” Male Mono to RCA female adapter for $1.43 for the Nickel and $2.15 for the Gold. They offer free shipping so it was a great deal. One of my husband relatives just bought several of it and she said that the Gold one works really good for her than the Nickel but she will give the other one a try because the price is less than the gold. So if you cant find this type of product in your nearest local store then stop by here at musiciansfriend.  

Rock Painting - Dog

Here's my new rock painting for this week. I decided to paint a dog in a rock. I got the rock from the river while we went rock hounding in the mountain last week. The first one is a sad looking pug nose pup :-) and the second one is a happy Collie. hope you like it! I will post this to my art store sometime this week, thanks! 

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