Thursday, June 16, 2011

htc desire hd

What you think about this htc desire hd smartphone from It looks very expensive isn’t it? Too bad they didn’t put the price in it. This htc desire hd got a lot of features in it. I am sure some of you out there like to own this kind of phone. I would love to get one but not this time, I can still use my old cellphone and maybe when we travel back to Philippines, I might need to get an unlock cellphone to use when we get there that way I don’t need to borrow my husbands blackberry phone.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Philippine cultural dance...

This is one of the cultural dance that I really enjoy, my friend Arlyn is one of the participants. They dance "leron leron sinta". This photo taken last Sunday at Family Long's Park. It was an Independence Day Potluck Party and all Filipinos in Colorado area are invited.

This is such an exciting event. I'm glad I get a chance to go and witness the cultural dance. This one is the "tinikling dance" They did pretty good! We didn't stay too long since my husband told me to come home at 4:00pm. But still I am very happy to see all my fellow Pinoys who live in this area.

sport braces

What is your favorite sports game? I guess all of you out there like sports a lot. So do we! My husband like to play football and he play football in his high school days. It was long time ago but still he likes to watch football and soccer games. For me, since I am not really into sports but I like to do outdoors stuff like hiking, walking and weightlifting. I do weightlifting once in a while especially when my husband working out in the afternoon after work. He has braces and supports, but I don’t use them since its way too big for me. I think I need to get one for me to use when I work out with him. So if you are looking for sport braces, you might like to visit, they are the sports bracing and therapy experts. They have all the sport braces you need. You can shop by sport now, they offer a free standard shipping on all orders. So hurry and get your sport braces at!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Doing zumba dance at home...

Starting this week, I will start doing a home workout since I found a zumba dance fitness videos in youtube. It was really interesting and I like to do this everyday. I like dancing and this kind of dance can help me lose weight. Dancing zumba dance about an hour makes me sweaty. It's a good exercise and its very enjoyable. I would love to go to the fitness gym who has a zumba dance, I see one in the area but I don't have confidence to go alone and I don't want to leave the kids to someone. So I will just use youtube zumba dance videos for now. hehe :-)

Friday, June 3, 2011

find the right hgh supplement!

I bet everyone wants to feel younger and energized nowadays, that's why they provide this hgh supplements for those people who wants to feel this way. There are hgh supplement that can help you increase muscle building, fat burning and overall performance. I have a friend that been using this supplement for more than a year now and both her and her husband are both happy with the results. With the help of the hgh reviews they found the one that they are looking for! So if you are looking for an hgh supplement, visit and find the right one for you!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting Channels Now

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

About a year ago I researched different prices so I could decide how to Bundle Clear Internet packagesappropriately for my family. I had to make sure I had all the good kids networks like The Disney Channelas well as Nickelodeon, since that's pretty much all my son likes to watch all day long and I'm okay with it since it's educational. My daughter is a preteen, so she really needed channels like MTV, so I had to make sure those were included. My husband likes sports, so the NFL network and all the ESPN's were a necessity, and I like everything home and travel related, so I made sure to include The Travel Channel As Well as HG TV. I think I got us all set up with the right package, and I actually really enjoyed having Internet included as well. I didn't realize how much I missed having an Internet connection at home, half my time nowadays sitting in front of one screen or another somewhere in my house!

Todays Plan

What today's plan is, I'm going to see my friend and pick her up at her work place. We will go to the Filipino store and buy some Filipino goods. Then going to City Market to buy chicken and hotdogs for the dogs and go to my another friends house to have lunch and we let the play kids around. They play soccer together and had popsicle. It was great day, this is the kind of a day I really like. Not too sunny, not cold, little bit cloudy but the weather is nice. Kind a breezy but it was okay. Tomorrow, our plan is to go to the Library and on Friday, not sure the plan yet, hehe :-)
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