Friday, January 29, 2016

my color pencil sketch...

Here's my color pencil sketch for the day. I don't know who's this girl in the photo. I just search asian woman paintings online and I saw this simple beauty asian photo and I just made my own version. Just something to do for the day, just still practicing my color pencil sketch :-)

Friday, January 15, 2016

A sketch I made for my friend

This are the three sketches I made for my friend. Start on the top, that was ALIYAH, ALEXANDRA and JORDYN. They are the sisters in our congregation that I really adored. They are such a good kids, they love Jehovah and they love ministry. Aliyah and Alexandra are sisters and Jordyn is the granddaughter of Mary whom my best partner in the ministry. 

3D Flower Sketch

I am just practicing doing a 3D sketch. I saw some ideas online and this flower really caught my attention. So I use color pencil to add color to it. The one in the bottom is not finish yet but I like the way it is :-) What do you think? I need more practice!

Peacock project...

This is the peacock project that me and my daughter make. She help me colored it. I was about to make one and then I started to like it so I was thinking maybe I can make another two of them that almost the same design but in different angle. I bought a frame and hang it in our wall next to our clock. Everyone likes it and I'm glad it turn out well. I got the idea from pinterest so I give it a try and this is what it looks like! Hope you all like it!

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