Friday, September 18, 2015

easy grip pens

I always carry pen in my purse and carry it with me anywhere I go. Its very handy and I can use it anytime I want. My kids always have something to do in the car like drawing and writing and I make sure they have pencils and pens with them. So I keep more than one pen in the car. I also go out in the ministry a lot and use pen to write the names of people I am calling. So far the best pens I been using right now is the easy grip pens at, they are very nice, I like the designs and colors and the way it looks and I usually have 3 different colors with me, the red, black and blue. PenFactory have really great selections on all their pens and they are very affordable. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

zebra handbag out of ducktape

This one is for my dearest friend Lila. She is such a nice grandma. She is 89 years old and turning 90 this year. She is one of my partner on the ministry including Mary, she is my dearest friend who like a mother to me. I was thinking to made her a service bag out of ducktape and it matches to her walker! I couldn't find pink ducktape so I decided to make it red instead, but the zebra design really match. I am glad she likes it and she used it all the time on the ministry! :-)

ducktape handbag for a friend

This is the handbag I made for a friend whom I am studying with. She is such a nice lady and I feel privilege to study the bible with her. Everyone called her Mona and I know she likes butterfly so I add a rainbow butterfly to it. She was very happy to accept it and she really like it! I pray for her progress spiritually and hope she keeps doing what she is doing now and be happy.  
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