Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Movie To Talk About After It's Over

Posted by Darwin Garza

There's a good reason The Shawshank Redemption is the perfect date night movie. It's not a romantic comedy like most date night movies, but it offers something much more valuable. Romantic comedies are good for a few laughs during the movie, but after the movie, the conversation can die easily. There's nothing to talk about. My girlfriend and I watched The Shawshank Redemption on Direct tv last week and we had plenty to talk about afterward. This is an intense movie on some levels, but it's also poetic and rewarding. A man has a difficult plight, but finds the strength to deal with his situation. He has the help of an unlikely friend and this friendship proves to be beneficial for both parties. This isn't only in reference to escape, but also in regards to life. Both of them lost everything, so it's a friendship they both value greatly.

As far as after the movie goes, there's plenty to talk about. How did they end up in such a predicament? How did they manage to get out of it? How did they know to meet in the same place at the end of the movie? Another cool topic is the poster, which has become a famous scene. This is one of the few movies that both men and women have loved. It really does cater to all audiences.

Me and my kids moment...

Being with my kids are so much fun. They have great personality, Dana acts very silly sometimes and Dustin is a good boy, he is very friendly. They have a lot of energy as well as me! That worns me out after we play :-) This photo taken yesterday afternoon in our backyard. Love this photo! Mike is not in the picture, he don't feel like taking picture at that time.

medical assistance program

I remember the time when we went to Las Vegas, we’re driving our escape car. It went pretty well when we get there but when we drive going back to Grand Junction. Our car broke down in the middle of the road. It doesn’t have good reception on that area so we need to get some help that time. Mike walk few miles away to get a good reception so that we can call someone to help us to tow the car. But it doesn’t help because there’s no signal in that area. Good thing there are some good people stop by and offer some help. They also gave us extra water to drink. It was very hot and humid that time. That was 3 years ago and Dustin was 19 months old that time. It’s scary you know, you don’t know what will going to happen while your traveling. That’s why it’s better if you knew a medical assistance program that can help you when accident happens. When it comes to emergency assistance plus, I would recommend Good Sam at

Friday, July 23, 2010


This headache really makes me tired. I just want to lay down and close my eyes. I took a 30 mins nap this afternoon while Dana's sleeping. That helps a little bit at least I done the household chores and I did vacuum also for the day. I still have 4 assignments waiting for me. I still don't feel like making it but I don't want to lose those assignments, so I better get in my butt in the computer and finish the assignments before going to bed. It was kind a late now in here but I still have more thing to do. Chat with my classmates in highshools at facebook hehe :-)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Walk if you want to

Guest post written by Alex Wharton

Exercise is extremely important to me, especially now that I’m retired. I always like to work out early in the morning but it’s dangerous to go walk outside then with morning work traffic so I always go to the mall and walk around instead. At least with that way I don’t have to worry about wearing sunscreen or braving the elements except for my commute there and back.

The other morning I was walking around and saw a sign offering a hearing test. I had never really thought that I need a hearing aid, but it piqued my interest and I went into the center after reading some hearing aid reviews. Ends up I did need one, so I got equipped with one.

Now when I’m walking in the mall I can hear the little sounds I missed before of janitors mopping the bathroom floors, and store employees rolling up their stores’ security gate and lining up their merchandise on the shelves.

I guess mall walking benefitted my health and well-being even more than I originally thought!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Breckenridge lodging deals

Last September 2009, my mother-in-law visit us here in Grand Junction. She’s from Michigan, she stay for two weeks with us. We really had a great time! We went to Breckenridge downtown to walk around, eat lunch and do shopping. I really like that place, Mike always took me their once or twice a month when we still live in Silverthorne. I have a great OB-Gyne Doctor in Frisco. Mom bought a souvenir in one of the store in downtown, I forgot the name. All I can say, Breckenridge is one of my favorite place! I love to stay their for a week.

Since it was a year ago since our last visit in Breckenridge, I am looking forward to come back their again. I am sure my husband would love to visit Breckenridge again. If you are planning to visit Breckenridge, you can visit their website at and find the Breckenridge lodging deals. You can also check the Frisco lodging. For Breckenridge lodging information, visit their website right now and don’t forget to check the last minute deals! Enjoy your stay!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The outcome of the dress!

This is the outcome of the clothes I made. Mine needs a little adjustment in the back but I already fixed it. For Dana, it fits her well. She looks very adorable in that dress. I want to make some more just like that. :-)

Project for this week...

I finished the two project I made for this week. I use the same fabric. I sew a dress for my little girl Dana and one for me also. I'm glad it turn out well even though I don't have pattern. Thanks to Kathy for the fabric. It helps a lot! Now that I have more fabric, I can sew more clothes for Dana. I supposed to make a curtain using this fabric but I am kind a lazy to make curtain instead I end up making clothes for me and Dana. :-) How does it look!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Guardian income insurance

Have you heard the Guardian Insurance? I bumped to their website while I am looking for a guardian income insurance. They have a lot to offer from accident cover, funeral cover, income protection insurance and life insurance. It said their products are transparent, flexible and easy to understand and in a matter of minutes, you can get the insurance you need over the phone in a 2 easy steps. I think this is what everyone looking.

Nowadays having an insurance is very important. Life is full of surprising, we never know what will happen to us in the future. What if we got sick? or get an accident? are you sure you are fully covered with that? That’s why insurance company are there to help. There are insurance company that is confusing and hard to deal with and some are not. In Guardian Insurance, I am sure you have peace of mind after you sign up. Like what they said, there’s more to life, with Guardian so apply now and get the insurance you need! For more details visit or call 1-300-70-9560.

Keep waking up...

I keep waking up last night. Our male mastiff dog makes me nuts! He is very noisy, he is panting all night! I am not sure why because we let him out 2-3 times last night but he is still keep doing it. Maybe he is just being frisky. Well, too bad because our female dog won't be in heat anymore. I woke up around 2:00 am in the morning. Instead of going back to sleep, I just play my farmville online for a couple minutes and when Thunder started to calm down, I go back to bed and sleep.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Real World

This was written by guest blogger Krista Rhodes

I absolutely love watching "The Real World" on MTV. This is one of the best shows that has ever been invented. I watch the show every chance I get on the channels my best cable tv offers. I love this show for many reasons.

This show is great, because it exposes college students viewing the program to a variety of cities. It takes place in a different city every year. Because I am a college student without traveling funds, I find this show educational for the way it shows me the nightlife and culture of cities like Manhattan and Los Angeles. I also love "The Real World" because it is entertaining and filled with much drama. You will never hear someone talk about this show without mentioning the word "drama." The cast is always dating one another and ultimately tensions run high throughout the seasons. I love watching young people try to resolve their differences, basically without killing one another! MTV always picks people with completely different religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds and puts them together to live in a house for 6 months. It truly is fascinating to see how people bond with one another, despite their great differences.

The Real World is the best show to watch, especially for students that may be home during summer vacation or on spring break. There is nothing better than watching this show!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I don’t think the Kardashian sisters using this quicktrim weight loss system, if they does then the product really that works! I saw them on TV and sometimes I watch them on youtube especially Kim. She’s really gorgeous and sexy. Love the outfit and shoes she wear. Actually I saw one of the Kardashian make up tutorial in youtube and it was really nice. Would love to try one of their make up tutorial.

Talking about quicktrim, at they have this Kim Kardashian poster and look at her body? Isn’t that amazing? If you want to have a body like hers then better start buying quicktrim!

Sweet moments in the pool...

Dustin really love her sister. He always give Dana a hug while they are in the pool swimming and splashing. They enjoy the water and the sun. I'm glad they get along well. Love them both! Love this photos!

cellulite gels

I really wanted to have a flawless legs. I love it when my husband says that my skin is very soft. My legs is fine, not so hairy so I don’t need to have problem in shaving my legs all the time. I put lotion every day to make it more softer and I think that helps a lot. I still see some spots though just like the small scars in my knee. So you can’t really called it flawless. Unlike those celebrities that I saw on TV, they have really good looking legs.

Anyhow, I came across at this website at I envy the women at the header. She really got those flawless legs that most women adore. So if you are like me that wanted to have a flawless legs, maybe it’s time for us to try this cellulite gel! That way we can wear our bikini this summer! To find out the top 3 cellulite gels visit!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The First Day of a Disney Vacation

Thanks to guest blogger Monica Holmes for the post.

Last summer my husband and I went on vacation to Disney world. As soon as we got our car packed we set our home security alarm that we got with home security cameras in South Carolina and headed to the Airport. Since my husband and I love flying, the plane ride to Florida was part of the fun of our vacation. Once we landed in Florida we had the magical express bus take us to our hotel. We stayed at the pop century hotel. This hotel was decorated brightly and had three swimming pools.

As soon as we got our bags packed we caught a Disney bus to Epcot. As soon as we got off the bus we headed to our favorite ride Soarin. This ride makes the riders feel like they are hang gliding over California. After we rode this ride twice we deiced to go to Epcot's World Showcase. We had dinner in the Germany section of World showcase. The food at the dinner buffet was excellent and my husband enjoyed some German beer. After dinner we found a spot by the water to watch illuminations. Illuminations is a fireworks display that Epcot puts off in the evenings. The fireworks were amazing, but by the time they were over my husband and I were very tired. We couldn't wait to go back to our room and get our rest for the next day.

More Splashing!

I love watching my kids having fun swimming at their plastic pool. Dana love the water and she make more splashing as well as Dustin. I took a video of this and you can view at dustylou01 in youtube. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mesothelioma Disease

Each year there are thousands of people in the United States been diagnosed of this rare type of cancer, they called Mesothelioma. Most of them are men. How do they get this type of cancer? Well it said, if you been exposed to asbestos there is possibilities that you will get this cancer. Inhaling or ingested of the asbestos fibers can cause Mesothelioma. This is very rare type of cancer and 30 percent of those diagnosed are veterans.

If you are aware of this type of cancer, I bet you know how fatal it is if you got Malignant Mesothelioma. If you knew someone that has Mesothelioma, you might need a Mesothelioma Lawyer and guess what? You can get your Mesothelioma Attorney at You can also read those interesting stories of people survived for Mesothelioma. This is the answer you been waiting for on how does one survive mesothelioma. Visit now and get a free copy of the book!

In the slide...

My husband adjust the slide because it was too high for Dustin. Dana loves to be in the slide! This is a photo of her in the slide, she's going in the wrong way but she's still a cutie! :-)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My little cutie pie...

Dana love picture taking. She always want me to take a picture of her. She knows how to pose and she give me direct eye contact. She have that big round eyes, she has funny personality too. I think she got it from me. She just turn 16 months!

cissus quadrangularis

Have you heard cissus quadrangularis? I am not familiar with this word but it was very interesting to learn new things especially when it comes to treatments and medications. This is like a herbal plants, it said that cissus quadrangularis is a diverse plant that has been used for many purposes in general and has actually been used by multiple athletes. It also has been used with specific bone fracture healing properties. It helps you to speed up the healing of the body and skin. Isn’t that interesting? I need to find out more about this, if you are interested what is cissus quadrangularis is? just visit

She is pregnant!

I just find out that my workmate before way back in the Philippines and now she lived in Philadelphia is 5 months pregnant. This is her first baby and they will find out the gender this month! I am so excited for her! I know she really long to have a baby and now she will be a mother soon! The last time we talk, she is craving salads and fruits. I bet she gain a lot of weight because she eat so much. Well, that’s what happen when you get pregnant. It’s okay to gain weight when you are pregnant because the baby takes all the food you eat. After pregnancy, either you will lose weight or gain more weight. You can’t even tell but there’s nothing to worry about because there is women diet pills available in the market and if it doesn’t work then try the plan B, exercise and nursed your baby more!

My PR is back!

I was so excited because my page rank is back! Before I got PR2 and now It was PR3! Thanks to Mr. Google for giving me this PR. Lucky me! because today I got many assignments waiting for me. I almost ran out of words to say. Anyhow, since my little girl is sleeping, I was thinking to check my farmville and see if I have crops that needs to harvest. While I’m doing that, I am also watching youtube videos of Charice, I love watching that videos where she sang the Pyramid Remix! It was so addicted! I am one of Charice biggest fans now. I can’t get enough with all her songs. Love it all! Pinoy Pride!
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