Monday, July 12, 2010

The Real World

This was written by guest blogger Krista Rhodes

I absolutely love watching "The Real World" on MTV. This is one of the best shows that has ever been invented. I watch the show every chance I get on the channels my best cable tv offers. I love this show for many reasons.

This show is great, because it exposes college students viewing the program to a variety of cities. It takes place in a different city every year. Because I am a college student without traveling funds, I find this show educational for the way it shows me the nightlife and culture of cities like Manhattan and Los Angeles. I also love "The Real World" because it is entertaining and filled with much drama. You will never hear someone talk about this show without mentioning the word "drama." The cast is always dating one another and ultimately tensions run high throughout the seasons. I love watching young people try to resolve their differences, basically without killing one another! MTV always picks people with completely different religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds and puts them together to live in a house for 6 months. It truly is fascinating to see how people bond with one another, despite their great differences.

The Real World is the best show to watch, especially for students that may be home during summer vacation or on spring break. There is nothing better than watching this show!

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