Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Walk if you want to

Guest post written by Alex Wharton

Exercise is extremely important to me, especially now that I’m retired. I always like to work out early in the morning but it’s dangerous to go walk outside then with morning work traffic so I always go to the mall and walk around instead. At least with that way I don’t have to worry about wearing sunscreen or braving the elements except for my commute there and back.

The other morning I was walking around and saw a sign offering a hearing test. I had never really thought that I need a hearing aid, but it piqued my interest and I went into the center after reading some hearing aid reviews. Ends up I did need one, so I got equipped with one.

Now when I’m walking in the mall I can hear the little sounds I missed before of janitors mopping the bathroom floors, and store employees rolling up their stores’ security gate and lining up their merchandise on the shelves.

I guess mall walking benefitted my health and well-being even more than I originally thought!


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