Wednesday, January 21, 2015

new giraffe painting

This is my new giraffe painting for the week. Its not that perfect and one of my friend really like giraffes. She might get this one too. She said giraffe's painting reminds her of her lost dad. That was nice, so I sold her the 3 giraffe paintings I had couple weeks ago and this one I might give it to her for less price. Will see, so if you guys likes my giraffe painting and wanted to see some of my paintings that are still available, please like my facebook page at fs-artstore, thanks!

Ducktape bag for a friend

This is what I made for a little friend name Jessica, Jess for short. We watch her two times a week and this is what we make when she came. She is very happy about it and she is showing it off to her classmates at school. She likes kitten that's why we decided to add a cat head in front of it. Its a cross sling bag and she always wear it at school. I'm glad she enjoy our ducktape art for that night and this week, we are making a face mask using ducktape, so we will keep posted on the photos sometime this week. Happy blogging!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

small bag made of ducktape



Look what I made for my little girl! She wanted a small handbag with a flamingo handle using a ducktape. She was so happy and she use this on the ministry to put her writing pad and brochures. On the back of it is letter D, first letter of her name Dana ;-) There's a lot of things you can do on ducktapes and I'm glad I found something to do for the kids on weekends. I need to stock up more ducktapes at my hobby table that's why whenever we have kids over, we can do arts and crafts together! That would be fun! 

wallet made of ducktape




This is the wallet I made for my friend made of ducktape. I only have couple ducktapes with 2 print color and 2 plain ones purple and brown. We look up photos on google and I'm glad she found the one that she like and I made it for her as a gift! I'm glad she likes it and I also made a simple wallet for her little sister. More arts and crafts photos to come!

arts and crafts magazines - tree

This is the tree I made using old magazines. Its not that perfect. I try to find tutorial online but I couldn't find it. I only see the photo of the finish product on pinterest that's why I just made it myself without any instructions. I just figure it out myself. There not so much branch on top of it, maybe I didn't use more magazines, but I am happy of what it looks like. I just need more practice :-) My friends saw this and they think it was cool! I paint the outside and this is how it turns out!

arts and crafts using magazines - bowl for goodies

This is one of my favorite that I make using old magazines. Isn't this beautiful? Thanks to youtube I got a chance to do something for our old unused magazines. Now I have something to do in my sparetime. And also whenever we had kids over at home, I teach them how to do some arts and crafts so usually on weekends, i try different stuff that kids might like. We usually do ducktapes, yarns, painting, magazines arts and crafts or using the toilet tissue roll and make something out of it. The kids really had fun. This is kind a hard one to do and it takes a lot of patience especially when you start rolling up all the magazine and turn it to something like the one in the picture and put them all together using the hot glue gun and at the base, you need to use a lot of glue to it. When your done, you will see the outcome and its really worth it. I use this to put candies and other goodies for kids.

arts and crafts using magazines - napkin holder

This is my first project that I made using old magazines. I look up at youtube on how to do it and this is what it looks like when its done! I use it to put napkins or our daily scriptures. I got some magazines that I never used so instead of throwing it away, I think about something to do with it, i got couple arts and crafts projects that I made on that time and I will post it sometime here later. Enjoy! Thanks!


I never seen people playing accordion instrument before but i would love to see or hear one. The last time i saw one is on tv only. I wonder if this instrument is easy to learn. I bet it takes a lot of patience to play this type of instrument. I ask my husband about it and he said, he see a lot of people playing accordions especially when he still live in Detroit. But anyway if your wondering where you can find accordions, you can find it online at guitar center. They have great selections of all their accordions.

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