Sunday, January 18, 2015

arts and crafts using magazines - bowl for goodies

This is one of my favorite that I make using old magazines. Isn't this beautiful? Thanks to youtube I got a chance to do something for our old unused magazines. Now I have something to do in my sparetime. And also whenever we had kids over at home, I teach them how to do some arts and crafts so usually on weekends, i try different stuff that kids might like. We usually do ducktapes, yarns, painting, magazines arts and crafts or using the toilet tissue roll and make something out of it. The kids really had fun. This is kind a hard one to do and it takes a lot of patience especially when you start rolling up all the magazine and turn it to something like the one in the picture and put them all together using the hot glue gun and at the base, you need to use a lot of glue to it. When your done, you will see the outcome and its really worth it. I use this to put candies and other goodies for kids.

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