Friday, January 24, 2014

pretty looking sandal!

I bought this sandal couple years ago and now its already worn out, I dont think I'm going to use this summer again, I might need to get a new one, same style. I bought this shoes online at and hopefully they still have this design or else I'll find another one that almost similar to this, maybe on different color? what you think?

my favorite haircut

Found this lovely new hairstyle online and i feel in love with it. I told my hair stylist if she can do one of this for my hair. She said I will look good on the first one since my hair is kind a thin and it fits right for the proportion of my face. Anyhow, yeah I might going to give it a try for this haircut and see how I look. :-) I wanted to have a new hairstyle for this year 2014!

Monday, January 13, 2014

gift bags

Do you like to use a very unique gift bags when you give gifts to your love ones, friends or family? Some people doesn’t care about the outside look of their gifts, the things really matters the most is that you give it from the heart. Either you wanted to make it simple and don’t have so much designs in it then that’s fine. The important is your gift are place securely in a gift basket, gifts bags and even gift boxes. Anyhow talking about gift bags, I saw this burlap gift bags online and they are so adorable and truly unique. The good thing is their burlap bags have 1001 uses and you can put anything you like from chocolate, cocoa beans, gourmet coffee beans and more. So if you are looking for a natural and elegant looking gift bags, burlap bag is the one you need.

Ice skate for the first time!

This photo was taken last week Friday, January 10th at the Ice Skating Arena here in the Valley. This will  be our fist time to go on an ice skating with friends. We had fun! we fall and slip but where okay hehe :-) My two kiddos really enjoy it a lot. They know how to balance and they need more practice though. Will try to go back again and practice more for next week, hopefully will learn how to ice skate that time, if not then its okay, will keep practicing :-)

Monday, January 6, 2014

She needs a new comfortable boots!

One of my friend here is been worrying about her new boots that she bought couple weeks ago because she is not happy with it. Its not comfortable and her feet get cold easily. It's not a good boots for winter I guess. When we went to Pueblo, she ask me if I can find her comfortable boots for women and I told her will see what I can do. She is such a good friend of mine and she is like a mother to me. She got a broken toe and she's having hard time finding the right comfortable shoes and boots for her. So yeah, I also check up online and help her find one that she likes and she will probably try to buy it online. I recommend to her the comfortable boots for women that I found online at and she likes all their shoe collection for women! So will see how it goes when she receive her new comfortable boots.

Brandi Scarf from my online boutique!

This is one of my favorite scarf from my femikey online boutique at kitsylane dot come. I didn't got one since I got the Sophia Scarf for free last November. I have two friends who bought this scarf and they are both happy for their new scarf! It is absolutely beautiful just like the one they saw in the photo. Its perfect to wear on winter and the color are really outstanding. They sold out really quick too! So hope they will have more of this scarf because I have couple request for some of my friends too! :-)

beautiful gems and accessories

Curious about where to find this gorgeous, beautiful gems and accessories? You can find them all at my femikey online boutique at kitsylane dot com! Better get them now before they're gone! we have over 300 items that I am sure you will absolutely love! You can view all my top picks or go to shop and pick the one that you are looking for, either earrings, bracelet, necklaces, accessories, kids and men's items, we got them all. Visit now and enjoy shopping! Join my online jewelry boutique group on facebook and find out our latest sale this week!
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