Monday, January 6, 2014

She needs a new comfortable boots!

One of my friend here is been worrying about her new boots that she bought couple weeks ago because she is not happy with it. Its not comfortable and her feet get cold easily. It's not a good boots for winter I guess. When we went to Pueblo, she ask me if I can find her comfortable boots for women and I told her will see what I can do. She is such a good friend of mine and she is like a mother to me. She got a broken toe and she's having hard time finding the right comfortable shoes and boots for her. So yeah, I also check up online and help her find one that she likes and she will probably try to buy it online. I recommend to her the comfortable boots for women that I found online at and she likes all their shoe collection for women! So will see how it goes when she receive her new comfortable boots.

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