Thursday, October 25, 2012

toggle clamps

I can't tell how many tools we have in our garage. My husband keep all his work tools in one area and put it in a big bucket and boxes. I am not familiar some of those tools though, some of it are kind a big and there are some small tools that we usually use when we repair something but the rest, i think they are some kind of a toggle clamp. He had it for a long time but he never used it so much. The last time he used it is when we fix our house in Grand Junction, we build an extra room in the kitchen. Now those toggle clamp is in the garage and waiting to be used it again. So if we need some industrials tools, we already know where to buy it at

rock painting in a small rock

Rock Painting is such a nice hobby especially for the kids. My 3 year old daughter found this small rocks in our front yard close to the mailbox and she told me that she wants to paint a lady bug and a bumble bee. So all we did all afternoon is to do our rock painting project. I made her and Dustin a lady bug and a bee then I also made a geico lizard and a butterfly. The lizard is one of my favorite. I saw the design online and I just copy it. I'm glad it turn out good and so proud of myself that I can help my kids to do this rock painting. They really enjoy it and I do like it. Its kind a new experience for me to paint in a rock.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

kitchen cabinets

Our kitchen cabinet is one of my favorite cabinet in the house. They look really nice and it really match the color of the kitchen. I’m glad we bought this house. This is the first house we look at, we had couple choices of houses that we need to look but this is the first one that caught my attention. This house got a lot of space and storage in the backroom. All the cabinets seems very new, I guess the owner really taking care of this house. They have great insulation and the garage are perfect. Wish my family in the Philippines could see our new house. But anyhow, talking about cabinets, you can buy kitchen cabinets online at, they have all the kitchen cabinets you need for a very affordable price.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rock painting

These are my new project for this week. We got those big nice flat rocks when we went for a ride in the mountain and came across in Alamosa River and when I saw those rocks, it makes me think about this rock painting ideas. This is such a nice gift though for your close friends and family. My daughter loves it and actually she pick that small rocks and I painted her a simple flower. I only got couple rocks to use for painting and when I run out, maybe we need to go pick rocks again close to the river :-) Hope you like my rock painting! Enjoy!

ladies boots

I have couple boots in the house that I could wear this fall and winter but still I am looking for something new that its good to wear anytime and any day. We always attend meeting twice a week and we wear casual clothes all the time and I don’t feel like wearing those old boots. Some says its better than nothing but if the boots don’t match on the clothes you wear, its still doesn’t look good and not make me feel good at all. I know some ladies out there feel the same way as I do. Well, women does it, they always wanted to look good and always want to have a nice pair of shoes and boots to wear in an any kind of occasion. I only have one nice brown boot that I always love to wear to go to meeting, the other one is not long enough to cover up my legs, that’s why I am thinking to get another ladies boots this week.

On winter here in the Valley, its always cold and breezy. You really need to wear comfortable shoes and clothing that perfect for a cold weather. Even though I been here in the United States for over 6 years now, I am still not used to a cold weather. I still feel don’t like to go out when its snowy or below 20 degrees outside. But now since we live here in San Luis Valley, I need to get used to it and make sure that I wear comfortable clothes, especially now that my 6 year old son is in school. I need to wake up early and took him to school at 7:30am. How much more when the winter comes?

So looking for a best ladies shoes is a good idea. If I could find the one I am looking for, I will not think twice to buy it. Either I will buy it online or in the store, it doesn’t matter as long its nice, fit perfectly and its comfortable to wear, and for me that’s all that matters. How about you? If your looking for a ladies boots then look no further. You can visit and see if you can find the shoes you need!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Dana yellow dress

This is the new dress I made for my little girl. She's the one who pick the fabric and she's been telling me to make her a dress. Yellow is a perfect color for her. She looks adorable with this dress. :-) Very pretty.

Friday, October 5, 2012

bare fruit snacks

Kids is not the only one that can eat healthy barefruitsnacks even adults can do to. I always bring healthy snack for my 6 year old son and he really enjoy his school. Anyway, I love bare fruit snacks from, they are delicious healthy and they have my favorite snack and that is the mango and apple cinnamon. I been craving this snack for couple days now and I'm glad I found the website that offer this delicious snacks.

Horse paint

This is my first time to paint horse, my husband said its not that bad. I am still painting the second horse this week and that is the brown and white horse. Will post it later then :-) Have a great day!

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