Thursday, November 29, 2012


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My new hobby!

I been into rock painting this past couple weeks and I am doing the rock painted landscape this afternoon. I am still not feel good though since I still have this runny, stuffy nose and cough but it didn't stop me to do what I love to do and that's to do my painting. The other day, I did a rock painted kitty cat. I already posted it on my facebook and to my etsy. So to those interested, you can look at and find my store femikeysketch.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Just stay in the house today

We didn’t go out today to go shopping. We know it will be so crowded at the store and we don’t want to be in that crowded place, we need to wait until weekend to go shopping. This week we did a lot in the house, we finish cleaning the backyard, cut all the dry plants and burn those leaves, then today we did steam the floor and vacuum. The kids are in their play room playing their PC Games and I did my rock painting too. I’m glad that we went to the closer river to get some rocks for my rock painting. Just to keep me busy for the day. Good thing my husband took a day off last Wednesday until this coming Monday., so he got 5 days off to be with us.

Rock painting - Landscape

This is my first time to paint a landscape. I got a book tutorial for painting using acrylic paint and I just copy one of those photos. My husband said, it really turn out good and I was planning to send this one to my mother in law. The back of this painting is a horse paint so its like a back to back rock painting :-) It's one of my favorite hobby now is to turn a rock into art. Its fun though and maybe I could sell some of them if there are someone's interested :-)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Rock painting - Giraffe

I saw a picture of a mama and baby giraffe in one of our watchtower magazine and it really caught my attention. I still have this big oval rocks and I was thinking, this would be perfect to draw giraffe at this rock. So this is what I did. Hope you all like it. But this one is already taken. One of my friend are interested to buy this one and she really like it.

my watch...

Last week, I was so upset because the brand new watch that I bought was broken. Good thing the watch I bought is not expensive, it will be a big loss to me if I buy an expensive one and then it ends up broken in a couple of days. Well, better to move on and get a new one! Next time I need to taking care of my watch and not to broke it. Its my fault too because I didn’t put it back on my jewelry box instead I put in the counter and never noticed it until it fall and broke. Anyhow, talking about watch, you can find Luminox watches here! Its free shipping on all watches and it ships today if ordered by 3pm CST. So what are waiting for? Grab your Luminox watches now!

My Cat Rock Painting!

This is one of my favorite rock painting. I gave the one in the bottom to my close friend and keep the other one. Aren't they cute? I ran out of rocks for now so I need to wait for next week when we go for a ride in the mountains or go to the river to fine those nice flat and round river rocks. :-)

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