Sunday, December 27, 2015

made her a skirt out of her old jeans

Here's the skirt I made for my little girl. She has couple of jeans that are already torn and I have this butterfly fabric that I bought couple months ago. I got a chance to do my sewing project again and I made her a skirt out of her old jeans. Next time I will made purses out of her old jeans and maybe some more skirts for her to wear! She loves it and she looks so adorable to it :-)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

handmade earrings for pioneer gifts

These are the 8 of the simple handmade earrings I made for the pioneer gifts, I guess this one supposed to be given to the wife of the pioneer brothers or maybe for the youngster pioneers. I finish it before I started the rock painting. Glad to help and I also made some for me and my daughter. :-) 

Pioneer Gifts -- Rock Painting

Here are some of the rock painting I made for the pioneers in our congregation. They are going to have a pioneer meeting next week so I thought I could help out for the pioneer gifts. I finish 28 of them and I found some of the rocks in the road and in the side of the lake. Its a small rocks, and they are flat and round. Some of them have unique shape to it. Hope they will like it. It has a bible scripture in the back of it. I mostly used the proverbs and some of the shortest quote in the bible.

Native Indian -- Rock Painting

This is the rock painting I made for a friend. She wanted a native Indian so this is what I come up with and she really like it. I found the rock in one of our friends house it was round and flat, it has a little crack but you can't hardly see it if you cover it with the painting. I also make about 28 small rock painting to help out for the pioneers gifts. I am glad i will be able to help them to make gifts for the pioneers, its my pleasure to help out. :-)

Instruments for gifts

This is a time of the year where everyone is getting ready for the holidays and of course finding good deals is what everyone looking for. How about you? Are you planning to buy gifts to your love ones this holiday? for us since we don't celebrate any holidays, we try our best to give gifts to our kids and love ones anytime of the year. They get reward when they are good in school and they get special gift anytime in the year, so we don't need special day to give gifts and to give thanks. But we really respect what others believe though. Everyone make their own decision and they can decide what they want to do in the holidays.

Anyhow, I am sure many of you are looking for a special gift to their kids and love ones and if  you are looking for an instruments then you might like to visit the musician's friend. I am sure you will find all the instruments you are looking for. They offer a door buster closeout now, it will be a massive saving for the year. Why not check it now and don't miss their door buster closeout. 
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