Thursday, January 29, 2009

Purple and Pink Layout

Purple and Pink are everyone's favorite. Thats why i make 2 layout for this color. I'm using the freebie scrap kits from Shari Ez's Scrapez Scrap Kits. Since i got the freebie for free, so i will give it for only $15. Leave a message if you're interested. This 2 layout still new and available! Thanks and hope you all like it!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

3 New Layout Available for $15!

This is the latest layout for this week. So if you are interested, please let me know. This layout is only $15. Grab it before someone will taken it! :-) Happy blogging and thanks for visiting!

2 Available Layout for $10

Since i make this layout 2 weeks ago, so i will give it for only $10. If you want to make a changes for the color and add additional graphics i will ask another $5 for the changes. All new layouts are $15. S0, if you are interested please just leave me a message. This layout includes the signature and EC logo.

The Designer of my two blogs!

My Parenting Journey

My Blogging Journey

I noticed that some of my blogger friends got a blog makeover, so i was thinking maybe i can get a blog makeover too. But the problem is i dont know how to make layout that time. Then one of my blogger friend recommend me "Designer's Chic". Her layout are amazing, she's really good and i like all her designs. I purchased 2 blog makeover for my 2 blog which is "My Blogging Journey" and "My Parenting Journey" for $30.00 each. I think $30 is the good price for a great blog makeover. So here is my 2 blog designed by: Designer's Chic. Take a look at her blog too and see her latest designs!

3 Layout Changes

1st try layout
2nd try...
At last the final layout!

My Kids Memories was new and as usual it takes me 3 times to make a changes for the layout. I end up of purple and blue, gold and the final is light blue. I think i like the final layout. :-) here are the layout draft! Watch out the latest photos of my kiddos!

Weblog Exploration Layouts

1st try layout
2nd try
At last the final layout! hehe :-)

When i start learning how to create my own layout, the first thing i do is to try it in one of my blog at Weblogexploration. It takes me a while to figure it out and you know what? i change the layout 4 times and im glad i made up my mind and just stick to the final layout which is color yellow and green with the bubbles background. Here is the layout i made for my weblogexploration site.

2 Free Blog Makeover for Janet

Janet is one of my friend and co-worker way back in the Philippines. I am the one who teach her about this blogging thing. She's a newbie too and its my pleasure to help her. Since i know her password and username, i was thinking to give her a surprise blog makeover of her two weblog the "Women's Journey" and "Proud to be Filipino" while she's not updating it. I am sure she's busy at work right now but hopefully she is fine.

3 Blog Makeover for Weng

This is the new blog makeover for Weng. This layout cost $15.00. Visit her Filipina Stories Website and dont forget to leave a comment!
I make this layout for free because she's my first customer ever. :-) As what i said, i am still newbie in the world of web designing, thats why it looks really simple. As a newbie i think this layout is not that bad. Nice color though. Why not take a look at her blog "USA Wifey" and "Wifey Thoughts"? Enjoy!

Western Slope Mastiff Layout

I just finished the new layout of our Western Slope Mastiff Website. We are going to buy a domain next month with this blog. And this coming spring we are planning to breed our mastiff (Princess and Thunder) thats why we decided to make an official site that is all about our Mastiff and Mastiff's in general. See the above picture, Thunder is the male pawn mastiff and Princess is the female brindle. So watch out for the latest photos of our mastiff and their litters this coming Spring!

Welcome to my Femikey Designs!

I am welcoming you to my new weblog "Femikey Designs", where you can see all the layouts i made. I am a newbie for designing layout, so i am not so professional when it comes to this matter but i am learning. :-) I already make more than 10 layouts for this month and some of my friends and newbie customers like it. I create this weblog to post all the layouts i created and hopefully to get people who's interested on simple blog makeover to their blog. All my layouts are only available for blogger not with wordpress because i still dont know how to do CSS code. I am planning to take a web designer course hopefully this year or next year to enhanced my knowledge about web designing. Actually i want to learn more in the world of web designs, so will see about that... Here is the new layout i made for this blog, hope you all like it. I like pink and blue but i rather choose the pink layout. If you are interested and want to get a blog makeover, please just let me know. My price is around $10-$15 because i am still a newbie. Happy Blogging and Enjoy reading!
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