Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Welcome to my Femikey Designs!

I am welcoming you to my new weblog "Femikey Designs", where you can see all the layouts i made. I am a newbie for designing layout, so i am not so professional when it comes to this matter but i am learning. :-) I already make more than 10 layouts for this month and some of my friends and newbie customers like it. I create this weblog to post all the layouts i created and hopefully to get people who's interested on simple blog makeover to their blog. All my layouts are only available for blogger not with wordpress because i still dont know how to do CSS code. I am planning to take a web designer course hopefully this year or next year to enhanced my knowledge about web designing. Actually i want to learn more in the world of web designs, so will see about that... Here is the new layout i made for this blog, hope you all like it. I like pink and blue but i rather choose the pink layout. If you are interested and want to get a blog makeover, please just let me know. My price is around $10-$15 because i am still a newbie. Happy Blogging and Enjoy reading!

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