Thursday, July 8, 2010

cellulite gels

I really wanted to have a flawless legs. I love it when my husband says that my skin is very soft. My legs is fine, not so hairy so I don’t need to have problem in shaving my legs all the time. I put lotion every day to make it more softer and I think that helps a lot. I still see some spots though just like the small scars in my knee. So you can’t really called it flawless. Unlike those celebrities that I saw on TV, they have really good looking legs.

Anyhow, I came across at this website at I envy the women at the header. She really got those flawless legs that most women adore. So if you are like me that wanted to have a flawless legs, maybe it’s time for us to try this cellulite gel! That way we can wear our bikini this summer! To find out the top 3 cellulite gels visit!

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