Friday, April 1, 2011

Sketching away from boredom

Guest post written by Stella Mayer

My mom tells me that anytime she would take me out in public when I was a kid, whether it was the grocery store or sitting in a church service, she would always have a sketchpad for me to draw on and keep me occupied. I'm sure that fueled my imagination, which is still pretty active even now and I decided that I wanted to start drawing actively rather than just scribbles while I'm bored.

I kind of made that as a New Year's resolution to myself, so I went looking online to buy a special new sketchbook for myself. When I was doing that I ran across some information about satellite internet packages and after I did a little bit of reading, decided to CLICK HERE and sign up for one of them.

I found one that looks really nice and has tons of pages in it, which I think will serve as my sketchbook for a long time. I can't wait to fill up all those pages with my creations.

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