Saturday, May 14, 2011

welch allyn otoscope

I’m glad that the kids got their wellness check up last month, they seems pretty healthy and Dustin doesn’t have problem anymore in his allergy. Last month when Dana got her shot, they also check her breathing, ears, nose and mouth. When the Doctor starting to look her ears, she ask what it is and the Doctor said, it is an Otoscope. I think I see one of this atoscope online. Almost the same as the welch allyn 3.5 V Diagnostic Otoscope from Well, they offer a great deal, you can save a lot if you by otoscope at You can also compare the prices, so if you are looking for an otoscopes, visit!

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  1. If you buy an otoscope online (allhearts has them) It's pretty easy to tell if the ear is infected by looking. I bought one for my son because we were constantly taking him in. Buy Now at
    SantaMedical Professional Otoscope


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