Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This is our new home, I was unpacking all our stuff in the kitchen. So far I finish unpacking the stuff in Dustin and Dana's bedroom, bathroom and living room. The rest of the boxes in the garage, I think my husband will taking care of it and I'll do most of it inside the house. It's a lot of work to unpack the things, that's why moving is not really fun at all. The fun thing is, we moved into a bigger house, we got lot of space in the house as well as the garage and the backyard. I bet the kids will have so much fun this spring or summer. This time of the year is not that fun because it was way too cold outside. It drops down to 0 and negative at night. But even though how cold it is, my husband and I will try our best to make the kids happy and give them the best adventure of their life. I still love our new place ;-)

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