Saturday, February 19, 2011

that's normal...

On my first pregnancy, I worry a lot because maybe I will gain weight and can’t get back on my weight after labor. But I think I was wrong because I only reach 103 lbs when I was pregnant. I am still slim and petite, the only thing that becomes big is my belly. That’s why some of my friends and even my doctor wonders why I am not gaining so much weight when I was pregnant. I supposed to gain more weight since my baby need it. I eat a lot of food, fruits, vegetables and take my vitamins but that’s what it is, I didn’t gain so much weight. I was thinking maybe I will gain weight on my second pregnancy but still the same I only reach 104 lbs.

Well, I know some of the mothers out there who are expecting are gaining weight, but don’t worry that’s normal when you are pregnant. If your weight didn’t go back to normal after giving birth then you might need to try those Weight loss pills that work fast. To all mothers out there, enjoy every moment you have with your kids. Kids are the most precious gift that all mother’s have and for me? My kids and husband are everything to me!

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