Monday, February 28, 2011

My favorite kind of cheese

Do you have any particular cheese that you like the most? Or you just buy whatever cheese on sale? Mostly my husband buy a reduced fat cheese since he is on his diet and cheese is probably the good thing to eat while on diet. Even my 5 year old son love to eat cheese. In the morning for his breakfast, he usually ask burrito with cheese and pepperoni. I know there are many recipes that needs cheese and I would love to try some of them. The ricotta cheese is very popular, I heard this kind of cheese every time I watch my favorite cooking show from Rachel Ray, I try this before and it taste really good as well as the provolone cheese.

How about you? What brand of cheese you usually used? I bet you know Sargento, this is the kind of cheese we like. Sargento cheese is really good especially on grilled cheese and my son loves it a lot. Sargento is really an exceptional kind of cheese. If you like sargento and would like to get more recipes, you can visit their website at and you can quickly search recipe directly to their website.

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