Monday, March 22, 2010


Hi to everyone! Happy blogging! Just a quick update here. There’s nothing much going on here, as usual the kids keeps me busy that’s why I never had a chance to make a new layout. I know there’s a lot of you there that wants to get a free layout. Good thing because I am in mood in giving a free layout this week! You can pick one of my latest designs, I have a lot of available layouts! You can tell your friends too!

Anyhow, Last Friday, me and my Pinay friend went to the Mesa Mall. We’re looking for a casual dress to wear this coming Memorial, March 30th. It’s hard to find a dress especially that they don’t have available size for me. I need to look my size in the junior section. There’s a lot of dress to choose and it’s hard to decide. If I could have lot of time to fit them all but we don’t have more time because we still need to bring the kids at the playground, eat snack at the food court and look some more dress in a different store. We’re done shopping around 5:00pm and I still need to drop my friend at their house and came home. The kids are both sleeping while I’m driving. I bet they are very tired in our shopping. I worn them out! I’m still glad that I got one dress that fits me.

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