Monday, June 22, 2015

build your own guitar

What do you think about the idea of build your own guitar? Have you done that before? I never heard such thing before but I guess its a good idea. You can make your own guitar and customized it the way you like and you can also decide the style you want to add in your own guitar. I think its cheaper than to buy the whole thing right? I did a little research about it and its very interesting because they have all the parts ready for you, all you need to do is just assemble it. You can get it for a great price at guitar center for only $449.99. My son love to build his own stuff like legos and other build your own car kit and he really enjoy it. He is into building stuff so when he grow up if he likes to do music and wanted to own his own instruments, he might like to build his own guitar! So I am sure we will buy him something like this in the future.

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