Monday, June 22, 2015

Movie night with friends

Last night, we went to watch movies with friends "Inside Out". It was really nice, kids really enjoy the movie and that movie really  makes me and my husband cried. Its really get into your emotion, there's some emotional part that it really touches me and I saw couple of our friends cried in the movie too especially when Ping Pong say good bye and disappear and he says a very powerful words after that. That was touching and also when Joy and Sadness work together and Joy realize that she needs Sadness that way Riley can talk and to open up to her parents that she's not happy. So far we will give a 5 star to that movie. Very well done. We will absolutely watch it again if its available on Vudu and also the Jurassic World. We watch it on the first day showing of the movie and the kids really enjoy it. Its nice to spend time with friends last night, that was such a nice movie night with friends to us. Love it!

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