Friday, February 13, 2015

Nice entertainment night

Last couple weeks ago, we are invited to one of our friends for their family gathering. They invited couple of our friends too and after dinner we had a free entertainment with one of our friends who are member of a local live band in Denver. They are the son and grand son of my beloved friend, they visit to entertain us that night! It was so nice. My kids really had fun and they are really interested with the instruments they bring especially the electric guitar and the drum. After they play the music, my kids got a chance to play it for a little while. My eldest son asked one of the boys where they bought and got those instruments and of course I didn't hear the whole conversation. It was nice that my son get interested to it. So when we got home we check out online and visit website about instruments and we also look for prices and I tell my son that he can get that instrument that he like when he grow up. Right now, I guess he is not big enough to carry those instruments.

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