Friday, October 30, 2015

Elk hide painting

This is my first time to paint using elk hide. One of our friend has this huge elk hide and they had it for  a long time that been sitting around their storage and now they been thinking of adding an art work to it. They ask me if i can do it for them and they will pay me. At first I am kind a hesitate because I never use elk hide before on my painting and I used to paint on canvas. So it takes me a while to get courage to start it out. So I just cut couple of small parts in the side and try to paint it each side and see how the acrylic painting works to an elk hide. I show it to them the sample and they like it. I have already something in mind on what to draw, I just need a little bit of ideas on how to start it. So here it is with my daughter in it. I just finishing it up and add sealer to it to make sure the paint won't come off. So it turns out pretty good and I can't still believe that I did it. They appreciate my work and they really like it and that is all that matters. :-)

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