Saturday, December 14, 2013

Kitsylane Reviews - Veronica Necklace

This is the one I got from my This is Veronica Necklace, it was beautiful and truly a glamorous kind of necklace. The first time it was release at my online boutique, it really caught my attention. I can't wait to wear it! I bought it right away and guess what? this is the last one available! I'm glad I bought it before it gets sold out! There are lots of jewelry items at my online boutique that get sold out really quick that's why if you see one that you like, dont ever think twice, just grab and get them before somebody will.
Anyhow, this is not my first purchase at my online boutique. The first one i purchase is the jewelry set for my little girl and that is the MUFFY STUD AND MUFFY NECKLACE, its a kitty cat jewelry set. My daughter loves cat and she really love her new jewelry set! She keep wearing it everyday! I also bought the Maia Tiger Eye Earrings which i really like. I got a free beautiful Sophia Scarf, Este Earrings at the end of October, then this Veronica necklace which i purchase last November. This December I make 3 purchase for myself as a treat of course since I just got my pay from my swagbucks. I got the turquoise Terrie Necklace, and a 2 beautiful ring which is the Rosa and Caleigh Ring. I will post the photos when i get my order this month.
Well, so far all the jewelry that i receive from kitsylane, I am truly pleased and guess what? at the same time I am getting commission for all the sales I make. Of course including the one I bought :-) If you are one of those stay at home mom that love jewelry and wanted to earn extra cash at the same time, this is the perfect home business for you! This is absolutely FREE! You can create your own online boutique for free and its easy to use, you can invite all your friends, family, colleagues, workmates, your neighbors, friends of your friends and to everybody that loves jewelry! All jewelries from Kitsylane was made from the top jewelry designers. I am so happy to become one of the kitsylane members! You can join my online jewelry boutique group on facebook and keep udpated for all the latest sales and coupons. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me comments here or join my group and pm me there! Enjoy and don't forget to stop by at my online boutique! Have a great day!

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