Thursday, February 7, 2013

insoles for comfort

Mike spend a lot of walking at work that’s why when he get home, he complains that his foot and heels was hurting. Maybe because of his shoes? Or maybe he just walk so much in the gravel? I don’t know because he bought this insoles for comfort but I am not sure if it helps him a lot maybe he didn’t get the right one. When you spend so much walking, it cause your foot to feel hurt and sore. It happens for all women too especially to those women who wear high heels all the time. When we wear heels, it takes a lot of pressure in the foot if we walk a lot, that’s why I really wanted to find spenco online, I heard they have really good spenco insoles and arch support. I really need this insoles for comfort this coming June for our upcoming convention that way I don’t need to worry about wearing heels.

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