Saturday, July 4, 2009


Today is 4th of July, It is Holiday "Independence Day". Tonight they will going to have a firework shows outside the mall and also at the park. We can't go to the park and watch the fireworks show but we can see it here in the house. Maybe we will just climb up in our roof top and see the fireworks! That would be fun! hehe :-) Last year we did that too and Dustin really enjoyed it. So will see about that... tonight we will have dinner to our friends house and after that? see yah at the roof top! ;-)


  1. Happy Independence Day!

    So excited for the result of your free blog makeover..Who'll be the lucky recipient? Hope it's me..he..he...

  2. hi thank u very much...I like something pinky coz I'll be expecting a baby baby is jumping with me with joy..he..he...


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