Friday, November 25, 2016

Mandala Tapestry!

Mandala is one of my favorite artwork. I have a friend who are really good on making Mandala Art. I really love the way she did it. I saw a lot of Mandala Tapestry that are available online now just like a big Mandala blanket, scarf, beach towel and even a Mandala Coloring Book! Mandala is one of children and adults coloring book now because you can create amazing mandala just by adding colors to it. It helps kill time and its very enjoyable. They also have some round wall hanging and even a mat! I like it also when they put it in a pillow or even in a blanket. Very pretty! So if you are looking for a Mandala Tapestry, you might like to visit feszoneboutiqueshop. You might find the Mandala Tapestry that you like! 

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