Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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Me and my behalf decided to write an eBook and publish it at Amazon Kindle Publishing and see how it works. 

I finish two eBooks for myself title:
1. Sweet Pinay Journey - Island Girl Vol. 1
2. Sweet Pinay Journey - Island Girl Vol. 2

They are both available at Amazon now, check it out and take a look! if you like it, please feel free to rate my mini series eBook. Thanks!

My husband also finish 3 eBooks title:
1.  Healing and Redemption - A Mick Stonehouse Series: From the Beginning
2. Juicing for Healthy Weightloss! You can absolutely do it! 60 pounds in 70 days! No Exercise!
3. Juicing Simplified and Organic Soup: Why I changed from Protein to Juicing and Organic Soup

Feel free to check them out, its all available at Amazon!
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Thanks and Enjoy!

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