Wednesday, October 15, 2014

At the Philippine Eagle, Davao Philippines

Look at those big huge bamboo tree! Isn't that amazing? This is my other behalf, we really like this photo, we couldn't see anyone like this here in the US, only in the Philippines, or maybe more in Asia!

Meet one of the Philippine Eagle, it was truly big, its bigger than the bald eagle we saw here in the United States. We love visiting Philippine Eagle and since this is the first time visit of my kids and hubby, they are truly amazed on how big the Philippine Eagle is and we love to come back there again next time.

Before we go to the entrance, we met this huge pythoon outside. They are using it for taking pictures, you can either hold it together with your friends and wrap it up in your neck, but i dont dare to hold it anyway, i am scared of snake, and this snake is truly huge and heavy! You can take a picture of yourself with this huge pythoon for 45 pesos I guess as a souvenirs :-)

Mike at the entrance, you can see the huge tree in the back. Its truly amazing place. You can hear all the bird sound and when you go inside, its a real rain forest with big huge trees, plants and flowers is everywhere. Its very nice place as I can remember, i like those big fish in the pond too. So our trip to Philippine Eagle is really worth it.

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