Sunday, March 16, 2014

We miss the assembly this week!

Well, it turned out that we couldn't make it to the assembly for this week because we couldn't find someone to watch our house and our dogs. It's hard to leave the dogs alone especially that they are indoor dogs and also the food they eat is different that any other dogs. We feed them raw chicken at night and hotdogs and other left overs with rice on their breakfast. What a spoiled dogs isn't it? Well, they love their food, they don't want to eat any dry food at all! We fed them dry food before but they doesn't like it. So my husband change their diets and they love it. They are healthy, their teeth are whiter, they have healthy bones and their fur is more shinier!

Anyhow, if we couldn't make it this week, we can still attend the assembly at Grand Junction this coming May and we can met our spiritual brothers and sisters their in Grand junction especially my Filipina friend Ella! So can't wait for our assembly this May! Good thing we have someone to watch our dogs that day and also on our Convention this June at Denver.

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