Monday, April 21, 2014

Were going to Salida!

My husband and I love to shop at Salida, we go their once in a while to shop. Their health food store is better than what we have here in our small town. They have everything we need and I like their walmart their, It's more organized and we always find what we need. Last week, we went to Salida just for a one day trip. We went to shop, eat at the Moonlight Pizza Restaurant and walk at downtown and do shopping! I like my Hawaiian Pizza, I think thats the best Pizza I ever had, well except the pizza restaurant we have in Denver last time, they both so good! After lunch, we take a walk at downtown, stop at the art gallery, boutiques and other small stores. I found nice couple skirts and sandal. My little girl find a nice hoodies and of course, my kids love the toy store they have at Salida, downtown. They got two toys each and they are so happy! Its makes our day that time especially when daddy take us at the ice cream shop. We got home around 5 o'clock, just in time to fed the dogs, make dinner and take rest for the night. Just watching tv until bed time. It was a nice day and it was such a nice trip!

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