Tuesday, February 18, 2014

bach flagelhorn

Couple weeks ago, I look up online about instruments prices, reviews and ratings. I am still not sure what instruments we will going to get for our kids. We would like to have a piano and start the piano lesson for my son but he lost interest to it. Even my little girl she likes trumpet, harmonica and guitar. My son likes drum and he also ask about the flugelhorn. He ask if he can learn how to play with it, it might be hard at first but the more he grow up, the more he practice and the more he learns so it just needs practice and maybe we can find someone to teach him how to play those instruments. I also look up online about the prices for flugelhorn and they seems kind a expensive. I saw one online at, their bach flugelhorn is on sale. You can save $611 (36%) off! Wow, it’s a good deal. Will see, I still need to talk my husband about it before I decided to buy. Will also need to make sure if this is the one for my son or not.

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