Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Computer Problem

Thursday night, after dinner Mike is trying to clean the CPU because it has lot of dust in it. He vacuumed inside and took some of the part in it. He didn’t realize that maybe there’s a parts that you shouldn’t touched inside. When he starts the computer, it shows the blue screen that said error. It won’t show up the windows screen and won’t restart the computer. Well, I think he screwed up the computer. Instead of bringing the computer at the Best Buy Geek squad, he decided to bring his computer to that computer guy he knew to fix it. It takes few days before he’s done fixing or repairs the computer. The guy said we will get our computer back this Wednesday. So, I can’t edit the layout which Sides won for bidding this week. Hopefully we can get the computer this Wednesday, so that I can start install the bid layout of Sides. Thanks for the patient sides! As soon as we get our computer back I will edit it right away and install it to your blog okay? I’m glad I have laptop that way I can still get online, talk with my family and check emails. I don’t have Photoshop software or Microsoft picture it premium 10 to create and edit layouts. Bare with me people, I will surely give another layout give away next week. So keep visiting and happy blogging!

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble, sis. Hope you'll get your computer back fixed soon! And thanks for taking your time on fixing the layout :D

    - Sides


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