Friday, April 16, 2010

Online tests

I missed being in school. I remember my high school and college days where me and my classmates study together and do our homework. Sometimes we share what we learned in the subject and have the same score in all our quizzes. It’s hard to study especially if you work in the morning and go to school at night. I was a working student before and I am so grateful that I finished my two year course. Well, that was a long time ago, year 2001. Since I am here now in the United States, I can go to school whenever I want. Either online or in the campus. I have two wonderful children, they are still young so I need to wait for a couple of years to go back to school.

Anyhow, talking about schooling, I came across this website at They provides free knowledge sharing tools and free online education. They also offer an online tests and at create knowledge, you can create and share quizzes. I missed the quizz, so I tried this and I found it really interesting. I learned a lot and it makes me feel that I am in school! They also have free brain games, this can help you become more smarter! If you are looking for a test? is the website you need to visit. They have web based testing software that you can try.

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