Saturday, April 10, 2010

OZ Life - makeover

Two days ago, I receive a message from Anne and told me that her friend need a blog makeover. She recommend me to her and when she gave me the yahoo ad of her friend, I add her right away and perfect timing because she was online yesterday. We chatted about ovehauling her blog and show her some of the designs. I came up with two or three designs and she decides what she likes. This morning, I receive a message that she needs more changes in the header. So, after I receive the message, I did the changes right away and showed it to her the outcome. Well, I always want the satisfaction of my customer, that's why I make it sure that they are truly satisfied with the layout.

Thanks to Jessenie for purchasing layout and to Anne for recommending my designs to her friend Jess. This is the new look of Jessenie Blog "OZ Life". You can view it now live! I just done installing the layout and show it to Jess and I'm so glad that she likes it. Have fun to your new layout Jess and don't forget to tell all your friends!

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