Monday, May 24, 2010

Quick update...

It’s been six days that I didn’t write a post at this blog. I’m kind a lazy this past few days. Actually I have a lot to talk about, last week I bring the kids at the park and went to the bookstore, then on Thursday, my kids and I do grocery shopping and went to Family Dollar. I bought Dana a little cute purple dress so that she can wear it to the circuit assembly this coming Saturday and Sunday, May 22nd- 23rd. The Circuit Assembly held at the Avilon Theater, downtown Grand Junction,. They give special talk about how to safeguard your spirituality. It was a great talk, it’s really inspiring.

Anyhow, today I been so busy doing the household chores. There’s a lot of things to do here in the house. I still need to vacuum, washed the bed sheet, clean all the windows, sweep and wipe the floor and also clean the bathtub. It worn me out after I did all this things. I put Dana into sleep and finished doing the laundry. I had a chance to sit and relax while watching movie title Babe I love You. Then around 4:30pm, I prepare dinner and wait my husband to came home from work. It was really windy outside but the weather is nice.

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