Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nice dinner with friends...

Our friend just invited us to have dinner with them. It was a nice simple dinner. Dustin was okay this afternoon until after dinner because he started not to feel well. He said he is cold and hot, that he is tired and wants to lay down. We let him lay down in the couch and rest while we still finishing the dinner. We stay until 9:00 pm and decided to go home because of Dustin’s condition. We wants to stay a little bit longer but we really need to go because Dana starting to get grouchy because she’s tired and sleepy. When we get home, we had a snack and the kids was feel asleep already. Since they are both sleeping, I still have time to check my email and talk to my sister and friends online.

And oh! I forgot to read the apidexin reviews. I was reading that this afternoon but I didn’t finish it. It interest me to read consumer reviews about different kind of diet pills product because it give me an idea on what diet pills that really works the best. Maybe someday if I gain weight, I know already which diet pill that rights for me.


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