Friday, May 7, 2010

3 layout giveaways - anyone interested?

I am giving away a free blog makeover! Since this 3 layout is still available, I was thinking to give this as a giveaway for this week. So to those interested, please leave a message. I also have one layout that I make few days ago that was the first one in the top, light purple with mouse at the header. This 3 layout has 3 columns. First come first serve! Hurry before someone will take it hehe :-)


  1. wow sis i like the 2nd layout for my blog "Adventures with Hyzyd and Beyond" available pa ba?...kumusta na? so busy ako kaya minsan nalang makablog hop

  2. i so love to have one please...genejosh here refered you !!! =P

  3. sis salamat I enjoyed my new layout...I'll blog later:)..take care too!

  4. sis I blog about your giveaway here:

    Thank you so much sis..I love the new look of my blog:)

  5. AW WHERE can i comment? genejosh said you cant access my blog?
    i want one of your templates please!!!! =)

  6. hi gurl thanks for sending me a msg...cge kahit anung free week b me free k aulet? ehheheh baka next week meron ung FREE na me pics ehehhehe =))
    kung wala pa cge ung available nalng this so excited =) il send my password n usernme sa fb =) thnks!

  7. so pretty layouts :D


  8. hi sherry, thanks! im glad u like the layout, may 1 free layout pa akong natitira, if u are interested i can give u one. Pili k lang sa tatlo ok? hav a great day! keep visiting!


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