Sunday, August 16, 2009

Update for my sister condition...

I talked with my family last night and they said my sister cherry ann is recovering on her illness. They started taking off the oxygen, dextrose and tube that they put in her chest for the water. They transfer her at the 3rd floor, i think the doctor observing her condition now. If she went well then maybe she has a chance to go home. But i am not sure yet, my family says that she still need her medications and treatments. The important is she's safe now. It scares me to death when they tell me that her heart beat stop and they need to use the pump to save her. She's out in danger now. Thanks to Weng, Shy, Phebie and Rosemarie for your help/donations. I really appreciate it. It really helps a lot. I sent the money $100 last Friday and my family used it for my sister medication and treatments. The total donations is $70, Mike just add $30 to make it $100. She's still in medication and treatment, so hope i can send them more for this week. Thank you so much and blessed you all! To those people who wants to help please do so, i really need it.

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