Thursday, February 4, 2010

Playing games...

What do you do on weekends asides shopping and spending time with your family? For me, on weekends after we do our shopping and attend meeting on Sunday. We watch TV in the afternoon and playing online games at night. We love playing games! Since Mike bought me a laptop, I don't need to wait until his done playing his game and do my turn. While his playing his favorite online games, I can also play at the same time. Well, as long I don't need to spend a penny to play games!

My husband play games the way as I do and even my four year old son love to play games online but only a games where he can learn things. Mostly I play word games and puzzles. How about you? What kind of games that you like to play the most? I found this website where you can play and download games. There games are very interesting. They have weekly games including lost king, farm mania 2, hotel dash, titanic mystery and a lot more. I am sure you will enjoy all their games! Actually I want to try the farm mania. I found this game very interesting. The Lost King is also the best game villains. Actually I will try to play this game right now and see how it is.

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