Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Incident Yesterday

It was a scary experience for us yesterday. We went to JCPenny store in downtown because I wanted to buy my little girl a dress for her to wear at the meeting. The kids clothing are in the second floor, so we went up stairs and my kids saw this pillow pets, they put those pillow pets next to the stairs. Of course my kids love pillow pets, my daughter ask for the unicorn since the unicorn pillow pets is in the 3rd shelf. So my 6 years old son, try to reach the pillow pets, the saleslady try to help my son and I was just looking for baby dress then suddenly I saw Dustin falling in the stairs, he is trying to balance himself for second time but at the end, he ends up falling with his back and I almost catch him that time, it happens so fast and both me, my 3 years old daughter, my friend Mary was so shocked. I can see on Dustin's eyes that he was so scared and shocked too. I gave him a hug and comfort him, checking his body if he got hurt really bad or not. I saw a bruise and scratch in his back, shoulder and his lower underarm. He said he really hurt his back and wrist. I am just glad that he didn't hit his head in the stairs and that he don't have any wound or blood somewhere. Oh gosh, it almost give me a heart attack. We talk to one of the manager I guess, they take our information in case we need to take him in to the hospital and they will taking care of the bills. I called my husband right away and he told me to take him in right away to make sure he is okay. We got him x-ray and the result was fine, there's no broken bones or something, he just have the scratch and bruise. We still keep an eye on him and see how he feels, so far he is doing good, he is doing his homeschool and he said his back is sore a little bit. Thank God nothing serious happen or else, I don't know what to do. I can't  imagine myself seeing my kids hurt. :-(

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